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I, Michael Bennett (2012)

I, Michael Bennett (2012)

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0316097462 (ISBN13: 9780316097468)
Little, Brown and Company

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Ok. Disappointed with the end, but I have the next book so no wait for me. I find it hard To believe that he would keep the kids at the lake house even after he knew they had been targeted. To top it off, the whole MC leaving. She needs to get over it. She is the nanny. His wife didn't die all that long ago. Her continuous surprise that he goes out to dinner with women coworkers. Get over yourself! All said, I love the Micheal Bennett series and hope they don't ruin him. I get a kick out of the sense of humor and references. I want to see more of the kids. 2 1/2 stars....somewhere between It Was OK, and I Liked It.This was fair/decent. I liked the main character ok enough, but he's no Alex Cross. I was given this by a relative, and read it as fluff, but enjoyed it...moreso as the chapters went on. I wasn't looking for an ongoing series here, and the end was a cliff-hanger....UGH! What happens, dammit?!?!!! Do I care enough to read the next book and find out? Probably not. Oh well.

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What is the name of the next book in this series

This was a really Great Book. Where as this kind of story telling been all my life.

Book has a great chase scene and some cute twists. Well worth reading.

375 pages and the story didn't finish!!!! Very unsatisfying.

Exciting. Love the mix of home-life and work.

another great Patterson book

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