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Dana Marie Bell

Dana Marie Bell
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Books by Dana Marie Bell


Bear Necessities (2010)

Loved, loved, loved this story. Bear Necessities is a spin-off of the Halle Pumas series, and another link to the Poconos Pack series. The things Bunny did to Tabby??? HOT. I found Tabby's history sad and was very happy she got the HEA she deserved. The whole Jim and Chloe backstory is annoy...

Bear Necessities (2010) by Dana Marie Bell

The Wallflower (2008)

I think my problem with the story was that I needed it to be more than what we knew from the other books in this interwoven story lines. I'm also not a big person for a lot of description about of decor and clothing styles... blah, blah, blah.I think if the author actually put her story lines to...

The Wallflower (2008) by Dana Marie Bell

Steel Beauty (2009)

I love a strong kicka$$ heroine and Belle even injured is amongst the best!Description:She's everything a big bad wolf could want.Coping with a devastating injury is hard enough for Belinda--Belle--Campbell. Forced separation from her destined mate while she heals is almost more than she can endu...

Steel Beauty (2009) by Dana Marie Bell

Cat Of A Different Color (2008)

Another great book in the Halle Puma's series! Sheri was a human who ended up attacked by her werewolf asshat boyfriend and was turned into a puma to save her life. She's been running and hiding from him ever since. She decides to join the Halle Puma's for some stability and what do ya know, she ...

Cat Of A Different Color (2008) by Dana Marie Bell

Cynful (2012)

Cynful is the story of Jillian and Cyn, it seems they both know they are mates but for whatever reason Cyn wants to date first and Julian is willing to oblige her. At the same time attacks are made on Cyn and her band of friends so she and Julian need to decide when they will become mates.This is...

Cynful (2012) by Dana Marie Bell

Dare to Believe (2009)

Rudy is 5'0 and very curvy, but she thinks she is fat, not the case, she also have the hots for her bossLeo Dunne, CEO of Fantasy Events.The man has black hair, brilliant green eyes, and a body to die for all wrapped up in Armani suit.What could be wrong with him?1.An insane woman want ro marry ...

Dare to Believe (2009) by Dana Marie Bell

Only in My Dreams (2009)

I have never been so happy to finish reading something.... OMG another book/advertisement this time for Disney.I'm done with this... the story line could have been really nice if the author gave a hoot. Oh well maybe she will fall back in love with her characters and give us some meat with her g...

Only in My Dreams (2009) by Dana Marie Bell

The Wallflowers: A Hunting Love Story, Halle Puma Series Book 1. (2008)

I found this one to be... on the like side of okay. There was Insta!Love! (tm) and sh!t was way too simple with mediocre world building and MUCH WAVING OF THE HANDS but there were a handful of funny one-liners I appreciated.HOWEVERIn my epic quest for SIMILAR TO SHELLY LAURENSTON. I was promise...

The Wallflowers: A Hunting Love Story, Halle Puma Series Book 1. (2008) by Dana Marie Bell

Noble Blood (2011)

I finished the book last night and I sure hope someone decides to make movies out of this series and that whoever does make said movie remains true to the books, I hate how Hollywood butchers good books on film.Tri-Bond way cool bet no one saw that coming ;) and in the last book I was feeling so ...

Noble Blood (2011) by Dana Marie Bell

Artistic Vision (2011)

I hate no idea that this book would be perfect As the title says artistic vision it is totally worth reading. Before this i read noble blood n got interested in akane and shane. It is so beautifully written. I adore the way shane teases her but also serious.he is also not caging her. Letting her ...

Artistic Vision (2011) by Dana Marie Bell

Finding Forgiveness (2011)

Dana Marie Bell was and interesting and fun new author for me. The book was well written, was fresh, fun and light even if it took up serious issues, and nicely paced. The plot might be familiar to many shifter fans with destined mates, and it was clearly part of a series or two. But these things...

Finding Forgiveness (2011) by Dana Marie Bell

The Hob (2013)

One of the best books in the series! I love love love it! As much as I love Sean, Leo, and Moira...'sigh', Nothing and no one can beat The Hob! What is a Fae story without Goodfellow? I was so psyched when I seen this book was coming out I couldn't wait to read it! I loved it so much I read it tw...

The Hob (2013) by Dana Marie Bell

Mr. Red Riding Hoode (2013)

Ok this was promising, but entirely too short.I was so looking forward to Mr. Red Riding Hoode for a very long time but it just fell flat for me, it felt like Chela and Steve met on Day 1 and mated on Day 2. This was unrealistic given that Chela had guarded her heart carefully for years, and ever...

Mr. Red Riding Hoode (2013) by Dana Marie Bell

Blood of the Maple (2011)

I'm a huge fan of Ms. Bell, and I'm certain this new series is going to be a favorite. First of all, a vegetarian vampire on the run from a wicked, stalker witch - it's brilliant! And sweet Amara, who managed to avoid bitterness after being an outcast her entire life, is an amazing character; s...

Blood of the Maple (2011) by Dana Marie Bell

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