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Noble Blood (2011)

Noble Blood (2011)

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1609283325 (ISBN13: 9781609283322)
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About book Noble Blood (2011)

I finished the book last night and I sure hope someone decides to make movies out of this series and that whoever does make said movie remains true to the books, I hate how Hollywood butchers good books on film.Tri-Bond way cool bet no one saw that coming ;) and in the last book I was feeling so bad for Bunnicula (sorry I really like that nickname). Duncan, Jaden and Moira sure are getting a lot of curveballs thrown at them but they roll so well with the punches, oh yeah and where can I get a pet salamander, I really want one, but instead of seeming into a German Sheppard can my turn into a lap dog like Schitzu.I think that Dana Marie Bell did a great job of transferring characters from one book to the next without even the remotest change to their personalities. I have read some books where there were nothing but inconsistency from one book to the next. But I found no inconsistency only progression, for example you could tell that Moira was hanging out with her new sister-in-law, Ruby because her nickname for Jaden came up, but that one just has to stick because it fits him so well. It will be fun to see how the next book turns out on my second reading of it.Favorite Quotes (I know this is rare for me but theses one are pretty cool): “You know, the three g’s.”--Moira“Get in, get off, get to the z’s.”--MoiraFavorite new acronym: “You are going to be a pita, aren’t you?”--Jaden Pita=pain in the ass So in short this is an awesome story about the Fae world and generally I am not a big fan of Fae stories but this series is definitely an exception to that rule and well worth reading. How well you like this book could depend on if you believe you can love more than one person without jealousy. In the beginning, I felt so sad for Jaden. He seen her first. He tasted her first. She should be his. And I have to say, I didn't see the tribond coming at all! A HEA times three?! It works for them so Aye!! Have I mention that Dana can write erotica?The sub-plot continues where DARE TO BELIEVE leaves off. It's goes a little deeper into the Black Court and reasons why they so determined to web/bond with Leo. It also sets up the next story line for Shane and Akane. So let us not wait to see what's happens next...

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Funny and light without being campy and stupid. Fluff reading, but perfect for what it is.

It was good more action than the first one...

Love Jaden!!

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