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Blood Of The Maple (2011)

Blood of the Maple (2011)

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142689144X (ISBN13: 9781426891441)
Carina Press

About book Blood Of The Maple (2011)

I'm a huge fan of Ms. Bell, and I'm certain this new series is going to be a favorite. First of all, a vegetarian vampire on the run from a wicked, stalker witch - it's brilliant! And sweet Amara, who managed to avoid bitterness after being an outcast her entire life, is an amazing character; she's a nurturer, but she'll kick serious ass to protect what she loves. These two could easily carry a book on their own, but there are so many other wonderful characters in this story; I can see this series going for quite a while and will be there every step of the way. This story shouldn't work. Dryad, vegetarian vampire, ghosts and lovers. It shouldn't work but it does and I enjoyed it immensely. Dana established the world and characters completely and thoroughly enough that as a reader you don't get side tracked by the plot and instead are taken in by the characters who are poignant and very humanly funny. This story is about finding friends, family and community and who finding them sometimes takes understanding, time, perseverance and above all a sense of humor. Secondary characters are brought in who are intriguing enough to guarantee follow up stories.

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DMB has a well-developed sense of the ridiculous, and I love her dearly for sharing it with us. :)

This was so bad that it was actually funny. But not funny enough to make it enjoyable.

Really enjoyable read. Great worldbuilding. Love the little town.

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