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Finding Forgiveness (2011)

Finding Forgiveness (2011)

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About book Finding Forgiveness (2011)

Dana Marie Bell was and interesting and fun new author for me. The book was well written, was fresh, fun and light even if it took up serious issues, and nicely paced. The plot might be familiar to many shifter fans with destined mates, and it was clearly part of a series or two. But these things didn't bother me at all, I enjoyed the heck out of this story. I liked both MCs, and understood their issues and why they behaved like they did. Sex: 4 Amazing. But not the book I was hoping. It's actually a love story with nookie.Plot: 3 I love DMB but something about this book was lacking. I know we normally read about something bad happening to the pack, and there usually is a bad guy gunning for one of the main characters. But not in Finding Forgiveness. This was about Dave and Ben getting back together and making it work their way. And along the way we meet a few more people that need that special match making that only DMB can bring. And real honest to Kindle, it was a love *sappy* story with hot sex.Overall Enjoyment: 3 It was still a good book. And this is not enough to make me take her off my auto buy list. Honestly, I was hoping for a bad guy, wold attack, a car chase and a near death experience. Wait I think we got the near death experience.Maybe the next one will have some secret decoder ring and occult signs...I don't know, but I know she knows I like a body count. Sex is always better if someone dies. Right?

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Something is missing in this story. I can't put My finger on it but it was to short.

Cute, but way too short and sometimes a bit confusing.


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