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Mr. Red Riding Hoode (2013)

Mr. Red Riding Hoode (2013)

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1619216140 (ISBN13: 9781619216143)
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

About book Mr. Red Riding Hoode (2013)

Ok this was promising, but entirely too short.I was so looking forward to Mr. Red Riding Hoode for a very long time but it just fell flat for me, it felt like Chela and Steve met on Day 1 and mated on Day 2. This was unrealistic given that Chela had guarded her heart carefully for years, and everything that she had gone threw in the previous books, and there were hints that Steve was uncomfortable, or fearful about shifters. And it seemed that it only took a few funny dog pictures and some naked time to bring Steve around completely to the shifter way of life. I guess it just felt a little ridiculous how quickly things moved for them.Chapter 2 threw me for a loop. It began with a scene that seemed out of place, given the nature of Graciela and Steve's relationship, at this point in the story.It was so confusing for me that I even went back and started over, to figure it out.All in all I have to say I was a little disappointed with this book. Not only was it over way too quickly, but it also felt rushed in both the romance and plot department. I would have liked to see things pulled out, dragged on, explored further instead of the magic mates fixing everything within mere pages I love this author. I forgive most of the grammatical errors in all of her stories because I love her writing style. She is funny, interesting and for the most part she has interesting stories. However this "book" was a disappointment. It was still funny, it was still good but you shouldn't promote something as a book when is only 67pgs long!!! That is a novella at the most. For all the wait we have done we should have got more than 67 pages. It felt like a last ditch effort done in order to placate those that are waiting for the series continuation, instead of a well done book that do the series justice. That and only that is the cause of my low rating and disappointment. When you buy a book there is nothing worst than feeling cheated.This books normally include a plot that needs some resolution before or right after the mating and Mr. Red Riding Hoode was missing this completely. It was a we met, we mated, we live happily ever after kind of book. The scene jumped forward in time to quickly and without any consistency. I may have being ok with it, if they would have call it a novella and sell it cheaper but as it stands is not good enough. Hope the book with Ted and Charlie ends up better.

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short but funny and sexy...gonna have to follow up on the continuation of this series for sure

too sweet for my tastes...No intrigue, no danger to speak of....just love and mating.

Another good one from Dana Marie Bell. I love the Poconos Pack series.

Kinda like a corny writing club assignment.

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