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Artistic Vision (2011)

Artistic Vision (2011)

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About book Artistic Vision (2011)

I hate no idea that this book would be perfect As the title says artistic vision it is totally worth reading. Before this i read noble blood n got interested in akane and shane. It is so beautifully written. I adore the way shane teases her but also serious.he is also not caging her. Letting her the person she always been also totally love sean "u meant harm to my daughter-in-law" .he cares n such loving person. It also shows the side of akane caring,Vulnerable also strong and totally independent.And now i can't wait toThe hob. Poor robin has been alone,lonely,barely hanging to humanity now finally he is going to get a mate .... Shane Dunne is just funny. I love the banter between Shane & Akane. I Love that Dana Marie Bell has mixed so many of my favorite things together in one series: dragons, fae (especially Robin Goodfellow), vampires & leprechauns. In their continuous effort to get their way the Malmaynes clan is pulling out the big guns & attacking all the Dunne family. Akane has to protect Shane on Goodfellow’s orders which irritates her to no end… she is annoyed by the farm boy. Slowly Shane tries to give her glimpses of who he really is & it’s NOT an idiot farm boy. Following his secret informanent intel, Shane tries to help Akane realize she’s his true-mate. With all the hell he goes through in this book, Akane must realize is she can live without him.Geez I can’t wait the 10 days till book#4 comes out!!!

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Loved the half-breed dragon and Shane is so interesting. Can't wait for the next one.

Love the entire Dunn family! Each book in this series just gets better and better.

3 Stars


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