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Through The Flames: The Kids Risk Their Lives (1998)

Through the Flames: The Kids Risk Their Lives (1998)

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0842321950 (ISBN13: 9780842321952)
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About book Through The Flames: The Kids Risk Their Lives (1998)

This book is a very good book better then the others. It was one of the best books so far. I will give this book a 4.9.Lionel Washington told Bruce Barnes waht was happeneing with his Uncle.Lionel and Bruce took a trip to Chicago and went to the hospital where Lionel's uncle should be.Bruce stayed in the car while Lionel went into the hospital. The doctor opened the door and pulled back the blanket from Lionel's Uncle. They both saw the dead man laying down on the table. The doctor put all of Andre's Dupree's indentification cards and belongings in a zip lock storage bag. Lionel ran out of the hospital and went to Bruce's car and told Bruce that the dead man was not his uncle. After a disagreement over the house rules, Ryan leaves Judd's house and takes off on his bike. He wanted to prove to Lionel that he was brave, so he goes to Lionel's house which has been tooken over by some of Andre's "friends". ryan goes to Lionel's house and listens to a conversation between a woman nd Lionel's Uncle. After being discovered in Lionel's house, Ryan goes on his bike and petals as fast as he can. He tries to lose the van that was chasing after him. He runs out of options to go so he went to someones backyard and called Bruce. While waiting for Bruce, Ryan gave his life to the Lord. When the other three teens went to the bible meeting with Bruce. Everyone is worried about Ryan until Bruce tells them he got a phone call from Ryan, asking Bruce to be there as soon as possible. When Ryan gets there he tells them the whole story of what happened and also adds that while he was being chased and he decided to become a christian. Judd drove Lionel to his old house to ask, where Andre is. lionel finally finds out where andre is staying and his old fiance', Talia, to take him there. After talking to Andre he leaveds and returns to Judd's car. The others told Lionel that LeRoy and his gang passed by them in their van. Judd and Vicki goes back to check up on Andre and then they heard a gunshot as they rode back to Andre's apartment. They found the house in flames.n Lionel and Judd ran up the stairs in the building to Andre's apartment, only to find Andre shot and dying. It was a stuggle to get the big man up as they were going down the stairs they almost dropped him. All of them got out of the building and layed Andre on the ground. A few minutes later, Andre dies. They found out that he has been shot on the neck by one of the people in Lionel's house named LeRoy Banks. Cornelius Grey Darnell Jackson and LeRoy Banks were going to the bank to get a check from Andre's insurance. The teens met a police officer, thomas Forgerty who promises to help them catch LeRoy and his helpers. They caught them and arrest for the death of Andre's Dupree.

4 kids are living through the Rapture. They all have recieved Christ except the youngest Ryan. The oldest Judd makes him do it. Lionel has to deal with his Uncle's suicide. He finds out he's really in hiding but the person he ows money goes after him. What will happen? Read the book.This was great. It started off slow as it recapped the story but it ended up being a thriller. It leaves you hanging but that's because it's a 40 book series! Read them all.I reccomed this to anyone. Make sure you have read the series before, if not it might not make sense

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RESEÑA COMPLETA DE TODA LA SERIEEs la versión juvenil de la serie "Dejados Atrás", pero tiene desarrollo propio, así que puede leerse independientemente.
—Yo Leo Ficción Cristiana

Since the rapture Judd, Vicki, and Lionel have all received Christ. The only one who has not received Christ is Ryan. When Lionel discovers that his Uncle Andre is not dead like he is supposed to be, he is only in hiding he spreads the word until the man Andre owes money to discovers he is alive everything goes wrong. Will Ryan ever receive Christ? Will they be able to find Uncle Andre Before the killer finds him? I thought this book was really good because it was full of mystery and the story keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. The way how Lionel finds out his uncle is alive is great but kind of brutal at the same time. And the way Uncle Andre dies is really brutal. If you are the type of person who likes reading realistic fiction, religious books then I recommend you read this book.

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