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The Europa Conspiracy (2006)

The Europa Conspiracy (2006)

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I am glad Dr. Anderson's notes tie some of the subplots together. I think the series is supposed to be Indiana Jones meets Left Behind, if Indiana were a windbag with an encyclopedia in his head from which he periodically decides to read aloud. More information is given on the Seven and their conspiracy, which helps develop the story better, but not enough information to explain their obsession with an obscure professor, nor their obsession with biblical artifacts, that are so peripheral to their goals that when their efforts fail, it turns out to be no biggie after all. Supposedly, the discovery of these artifacts may turn people to Christianity, but so far every non-christian--The Seven, Methusela, Talon, Isis, Levi, other professors, curators, and Mossad agents, etc. who have seen the artifacts remain unaffected. The romance is a weak part of the story, no real chemistry except for admiring each other's work. You would think Dr. Know-It-All would figure out "faint heart did ne'er fair lady win." Can't imagine how he ever wooed his first wife--she must have been the pursuer. They shouldn't have killed off the wife in order to add the romance, because it just isn't working. I also don't get the part about Murphy being upset about Bingham's death, when the last we saw Bingham, he was alive and heading home to his family--did the plane crash, what?

This is a terrible book! Sometimes the story line could be somewhat interesting, he brought up some historical figures I'd like to read more about, but the writing is awful. The writing itself is quite literally laughable. I found myself laughing out loud for the awful writing skills and how this writer has no concept of weaving character details into the story. At one point Murphy is about to get run down by an SUV, but wait, by the way, he knows karate, so he's going to use his skills now. Or how about when he's reading notes on the genealogy of the anti-christ, the character he's with is just like "did you know I know many languages?" Here let me translate what all these names mean for you.I wanted to toss this story aside after only listening to the first disc, but decided to listen to the rest because I had nothing else to listen to. About halfway through, I realized this was the writer that did the Left Behind series when the story started getting too religiously self-righteous and preachy. Goes to show that some writers are trendy for their writing subject rather than having any actual writing abilities and anyone who could get hooked on his books are just fools.

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Part Indiana Jones, part Mission: Impossible, and with a few elements of Left Behind, Karen Kingsbury's novels, and old-school Biblical epics mixed in, The Europa Conspiracy is an action-packed, Biblically inspired thrill ride. As with the previous books, the heroes are admirable, the villains are perfectly despicable (especially Talon, the big boss), the plot is very engrossing, and one particular long scene right in the middle of the novel is so well-written, it's like watching an action flick on an IMAX screen. The problems are minor; the biggest one is that, although there's plenty of wham-bam thrills that'll spin your head "right 'round like a record," there are also a few slow moments, though the insane action sequences that surround it make it worth the while to read nonetheless. Also, some discussion about human reproduction, as well as a few mildly graphic sequences--though they all are a far cry from the final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark--make this inappropriate for young children. For those who have read and enjoyed the first two Babylon Rising books, this third installment delivers the thrills that the previous novels had and then some.

The Europa Conspiracy is the third book in the Babylon Rising series. In this book the reader learns more about the characters from the recent books, along with new characters. I would recomend this to anyone who has read the first two books in the Babylon Rising series and enjoyed them.This book starts off with Murphy once again playing one of Methuselah's "games". The prize, just like all of the other times, starts Murphy on a search to find Biblical artifacts. This time, it is the Writing on the Wall.Once again, I liked the action/adventure aspect of this book. Once the reader starts reading, they soon realize that it's hard to stop. Some of the action in this book were Arabian terrorists, emplyed by Talon.If you are a person who likes action/adventure books and have read and enjoyed the other Babylon Rising books, I would recommend this book to you.

This was not a bad read, but not my favourite of all the series. There's a glaring writing error between Chapters 59 and 61 where the aftershock of the earthquake destroys the tunnels and Bingman has gone back for the camera. Murphy thinks Bingman is dead and suddenly he pops up, camera in hand and says "Looking for this Murphy?" and is clearly alive and then in Chapter 61 Isis says, "This has been a terrible day Michael.....and thinking Will was dead..." and then in Chapter 62 first paragraph, "Bingham's miraculous escape from the tunnel..." and then almost to the end of the chapter, "In the restaurant, Murphy and Abrams were catching up"....Murphy said. "I still haven't gotten over the loss of Bingman, he was a really nice man. His death brought to mind...". Did anyone else notice this, or am I going totally bonkers?

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