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Mark's Story: The Gospel According To Peter (2007)

Mark's Story: The Gospel According to Peter (2007)

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I was really hoping for more. I don't know if the point of this book was to make non-Bible readers read a "Mark-light" version of the Gospel but over half of this book is just Peter telling Mark what Mark wrote down. I was really hoping for more of the surrounding events that led to writing the Gospel of Mark and sadly that's a weak part of the book. There are so high points that bring a historical context of post-Crucifixion, but they can only carry the book so far. The author does take a few liberties with tying some people together (like Barnabus being Mark's cousin), it's nothing that distracts from the real account and it actually adds to the story telling. If the author was going to do more of writing just the Gospel account as dictation - I was hoping he'd deal with providing more context and exegesis or how Peter brought to mind what to talk about through the power of the Holy Spirit (this latter issue is only brought up briefly one time). Overall I was quite disappointed with the book and I wonder if the others are like this as well. (Side note to the audio version - the narrator is BORING! He whispers most of his dialog and puts no feeling into anything he's reading. Probably one of the worst audio book narrators I heard in quite some time). Final Grade - D+

I love Tim La Haye's writings and have just finished his Mark's Story which includes the gospel of Mark and I and II Peter at the end of the book. Just finished John's Story and it was a wonderful rendition as well and included the gospel writings of John and I, II and II books of John and Revelations at the end of the book. La Haye and Jenkins make you feel as though you are right there. I have also read the entire Left Behind Series that they wrote together and this series of the gospel writers is excellent. I look forward to the other two books Matthew and Mark.

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Mark’s Story: The Gospel According to Peter by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins is the second in a series on the writers of the Gospels: The Jesus Chronicles. It is not the kind of page-turner readers of LaHaye and Jenkins’ phenomenally popular Left Behind series may expect. It takes the perspective of Mark, who was a child when Jesus was crucified, and who followed Peter, recording his memories of Jesus, during the early days of the Christianity. Much of the dialogue is taken directly from the King James Bible books of Mark and Peter, which are also included in this book.

How do you explain this one. This is fiction about the day before Jesus death and the early church, (Mark and 1st and 2nd Peter.)which contains within the story,the entire books of Mark and 1st,and 2nd Peter. The story involves Peter telling young John Mark the history of Jesus, which eventually became his gospel and the Peter books. Whenever Mark tells peter any of the events that occur,they are reported with the actual words of scripture. By the time you hear the whole story which John Mark eventually recorded in these books, you have actually read all four books of the Canon. A brilliant concept, carried off so well that many readers will love the story AND fall under conviction as it is all God's word. Read this to gain new biblical insights and share it with a friend who may be close to a life decision. God's word is Powerful and could seal the deal!
—Steve Curll

this was an interesting book. i enjoyed it, but it was hard to get a rhythm going. it just wasn't the page turner that i had found the "left behind" series to have been. i was surprised by the ending. i was impressed with the research that must've gone into this book. there was a lot of scripture, which i expected and was pleased to find.i guess i was most impressed with the early founders of the Church. for the most part, when persecution came and they were promised release if they gave up names a lot of them wouldn't. they held fast to their faith and saw it an honor. yes, they were human and they didn't secretly harbor a death wish, but they also knew that if they died for the sake of their faith for proclaiming Christ they would be reunited with Him.

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