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The Act Of Marriage: The Beauty Of Sexual Love (1998)

The Act of Marriage: The Beauty of Sexual Love (1998)

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About book The Act Of Marriage: The Beauty Of Sexual Love (1998)

I thought the information was very well done. I liked some of the things talked about or covered that you know no one else would ever tell you or write about, the LaHaye's do. I did, however, think the language of the book was kind of out dated and comical. We just don't use a lot of the terms talked about in the book. I would have related to it better, if it hadn't used such stiff language when describing something very personal. I also thought the way that Tim LaHaye writes is very confident. But I somehow think that in terms of sex, specifically first time sex, its very much instinct and not "you must follow my directions especially for your first time, if you are to enjoy it at all". I found it kind of scary that the author had that much confidence in his idea of sex.Although I like the message. And that sex isn't about ourselves, but about the person we married. Its a selfless thing, that just happens to be fun. So the information about our bodies was very helpful.

A good book and lots of good information, but also fairly sexist and outdated. The beginning of the book had some good ideas and perspective, but I liked the author less and less as I read, and by the end I really didn't care for his opinions, attitudes, or advice. His writing seemed to deteriorate into blaming everything on sin, and that everything could be cured by repentance. I suppose that was par for the course for the religious establishment in his time, but in this day and age we know a lot more about mental illness, sexual dysfunction, and sexual "deviancy." He also interpreted statistics in whatever way supported his opinions about what is "normal" and "right." This book could use another update. Read the beginning, take it with a grain of salt, but put it down when you start to get offended because it's all downhill from there!

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Marriage...continuous reinvention, hence the need to always check where you are at to keep moving. Read it. I still have my wedding copy..13 years later
—Parvin Ngala

I love this book! I wish I got this book before I got married. I was sexually abused as a child and even though but the time I got this book things were going well in my marriage. This book helped open my eyes to a whole lot more. This book explains a lot about God's view and purpose of sex. A must read for any couple. What I love about the book is has sections for couples before they get married, the honeymoon night, early years of marriage, the middle years of marriage and the later years of a marriage. I bought this for my sister when she was engaged. I had to laugh when she told me her soon to be husband couldn't put the book down and took it home with him. ; ) I was thrilled to learn even my mom had requested to read it & she isn't a read. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL BOOK!

This review is geared purely toward others preparing for upcoming marriage. It was first recommended to me by leaders of my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The author, however, is a pastor of some other Christian church and wrote it with his wifes help. 4 stars cuz it was very informative and stuck to good Christian values dealing with the subject, not biased or supportive of a 'free-love' mindset. I suppose it also has much to do with my general comparison of it with other books I only perused on the subject.

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