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Facing The Future: Preparing For Battle (1998)

Facing the Future: Preparing for Battle (1998)

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0842321969 (ISBN13: 9780842321969)
tyndale house publishers

About book Facing The Future: Preparing For Battle (1998)

When Lionel, Judd, Vicki, and Ryan set up a sting for the murderer who killed Lionel's beloved Uncle Andre, they have trouble getting the sting to work. The murderer doesn't do what they planned on him doing. So they have to think of something different to lure him in. Will they ever catch the killer? I thought it was a good book because I think they did the sting very well, and they gave a good act (I would have believed it was real if I didn't know it was a sting). The one thing I didn't enjoy was how Uncle Andre died. I thought it was just brutal. If your the type of person who likes police tricking criminals while still reading a religious book then I recommend you read this book.

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