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Nicolae High: The Young Trib Force Goes Back To School (1999)

Nicolae High: The Young Trib Force Goes Back to School (1999)

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0842343253 (ISBN13: 9780842343251)
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About book Nicolae High: The Young Trib Force Goes Back To School (1999)

(REVISED) I haven't been able to find every single book in the series yet, so I’ve skipped some books. The last one I read was the third one. I had to skip two books but it doesn’t seem like I missed a thing. I feel that is one of the things that the author does extremely well. Each book feeds off the other but instead of just starting new subjects in the next book it kind of catches me up throughout the book. There were some moments where I was reading and it had some events that had happened in prior books that I hadn't read and I feel he did an amazing job of describing how everything connected with everything else. This series is about a group of four kids who got left behind by God because they never officially claimed their religion. God took everyone in their family except for them, but even if God didn't take them they ended up dying anyway. It doesn't take place in one specific location because they travel a lot. For example Vickie (one of the main characters) took a road trip to find her brothers friend in Michigan. There are a lot of internal conflicts in the book such as Judd and the way he thinks that just because he is the oldest he has to take care of the children, but on the other hand he doesn’t want to be irresponsible and be the reason that one of them gets seriously injured, and causes a burden on him and the people in the house. There are also a lot of external conflicts such as Judd, Vickie, Ryan, and Lionell, having to go back to school which is a new school where they brought all the middle school and high school aged kids that are left in the world together to learn about what happened. Even though the students talked about it on their own, no matter how hard the teachers tried to avoid the subject; it always started an argument in the class. In my perspective the protagonist on one hand are the children in themselves and on another hand God. The antagonist can also be the children, and the devil for various reasons. The kids are pro and antagonists because they fight with themselves a lot but in the end they always end up making the right choices. And I say God and the devil because the devil is coming up to earth and making Peace Treaties with places like Iraq that he knows isn't going to work out. God is the Protagonist because he is doing his best to get as many people up to Heaven as he can before all hell breaks out on earth. When Judd and Vickie get back to school spreading the word isn't as easy as they thought it would be. They are faced with people who don't believe that God is the one who did this and people that think it was a science experiment gone wrong. At the end Vickie comes up with an amazing way to spread the word a lot easier.

Judd Vicki Lionel and Ryan are faced with going back to school, but when they find out the names are changed there becomes a problem.With Judd and Vicki's school being named after the Antichrist, Nicholae Carpathia, the school is changed forever.No one is aloud to say anything about their beliefs of Christ,how will they be able to change the minds of other students or will their lives be changed forever. This book is one of the best books in the whole series of Left Behind.It seems the author has gotten more into the books as he writes them.Also in this book Ryan and Lionel start to get along and become really good friends.In this book Nicholae High, it isn't as boring as the others.No this one was filled with action and excitement, yet, it also has some sad parts in it too. I recommend to read this (but first read the other books first or it won't make sense).

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A Quickie ReviewThe four kids who have been "left behind" go back to school for the first time after the disappearances. Not exactly as heart-pounding as the previous entries in the series, but this volume seems to imply that things are about to get crazy.Content Concerns: Aside from the possibly offensive Rapture theology and one brief scene where a young female character is threatened by a predator, I can't think of anything that would bother anyone in this book. The violence that was present in the prior novels is nowhere to be found here.Score: 3.75/5

In this book, the kids are going back to school. The schools have been renamed and the high school is named after the antichrist. Judd and Vicki Struggle with their first day because they are not allowed to God in their school. Even though they aren't allowed to, they have met others who believe in God and they think they should make the young tribulation force bigger. All of Vicki's friends don't recognize her because she dresses diferently now and she acts different. They also don't believe her when she tries to tell them about God. It's a scary thought that even after God gave everyone proof he is real, people still did not believe. These kids have salvation and they are worried about everone else getting into Heaven too. But I guess no matter how hard you try, you can't save everyone.

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