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Second Chance: The Search For Truth (2015)

Second Chance: The Search For Truth (2015)

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About book Second Chance: The Search For Truth (2015)

Dear Readers,This book is a christian book. So, if you are not a christian freak then it won't be a good book for you. But this book tells children ages 12-16 that God is coming back to take his people. I recommened this book to children that are into religious books. This is a book that you don't want to put down. You would not want to miss a page. This book deserves a 4.1. This book is mostly good for pre-teens to young adults. This book is talking about tribulation. Here is a summary that I wrote about this book. Bruce Barnes told Judd Thompson, Vicki Bryne, Lionel Washington,and Ryan daley about God's plan and when God will take his people again. Everyone told about their past and relationships with their parents and God. When Bruce finished his meeting, Ryan ran as a herd of cows were chasing after him. Vicki started walking the direction to her house until Judd dtopped her askig her if she wanted to come with him to get his dad's car out of the parking garage at O'Hare airport. She really had no one to be with, so she went with Judd. Vicki was sitting on the curb infront of New Hope Village Church while Judd was called for a cab. It took nearly two hours for the cab to come. Along the way to O'Hare International Airport, Judd and Vicki ran and recieved Christ as their savior while the cab driver drops them off three miles from the airport. As they reached to the airport they ran to the parking garage to get the car quickly as possible. By the time they reached the parking garageit was four in the morning . It was our hard for them to get the car out. They band together as brother and sister and put their faith together and trust God to get the car out of there. There was traffic from people moving cars from the road so they can get by. By the time they came out of the traffic it was almost seven in the morning. Vicki's trailer was nearby and she suggested to go to her empty home. She saw her devolpment and saw that most of the trailers were burned down. She got out the car and found her house in a pile of ashes, burned to the ground. She asked Judd if she can live in his house. He had no other choice but to let her sleep at his house. They arrived in Judd's home but Vicki had no clothesto wear. Judd told her that she can wear his mother's old clothes. Vicki freshened up and put Judd's moms old clothes. Meanwhile, Lionel finds Ryan after he ran out the church not wanting to hear his parents are in hell. Since Ryan was younger and puberty hasn't started he was picked on by Lionel. They both team up and go to Ryan's house but Ryan was being scared to go to sleep in his house because of the bad memories of his parent death. Lionel stayed with Ryan and set up the tent in the backyard. After finishing putting up the tent backyard. after finishing putting up the tent, they head over to Lionel's house to grab some clothes and stuff. Lionel and ryan went inside the house and finds a new voicemail message from his Uncle Andre' telling Lionel that he's sorry and confess that Jesus was real and not a fairytale. Also, he said that he was going to kill himself. Lionel and Ryan rode their bikes and raced down to the hotel in Chicago that Andre was staying. They went into the hotel juyst to find his uncle in a body bag. Lionel was scared abd didn't have a family member to be with. They went back to Ryan's house to spend the night in Ryan's backyard. Lionel tries to get Ryan to live his house he refused to live in there. That night Lionel went back to his house but there were people going back and forth from his house and the van. ryan was so scared he wanted to go back to his tent. When the men went in the van Lionel ran in the house and saw one of his Uncle's "friends". Uncle Andre friend was a pimp and his name is LeRoy Banks. Everything in the house including the house was being taken over by LeRoy and his crew. Lionel wasn't scared of LeRoy and his crew, he was asking questions and trying to be tough. He grabbed all his belongings and ran out the house. That night Lionel rode his bike back to Ryan's backyard and they slept in the backyard again. The next day Lionel and Ryan met Vicki and Judd at New Hope Village Church. Bruce asked them how their week was, Vicki and Judd volunteered and they told the rest of them their story. After telling Bruce the good news and the bad news, Lionel and Ryan moved in with Judd and Vicki.

In the book Second Chance by Jerry B. Jenkins. Judd, Vicki, Lionel and Ryan are left behind at a church. Their parents had left them. When they had gotten a shocking call from their Uncle that he was going to commit suicide. The only thing that left them to do was to try and save him. Later in the book Judd, Vicki, Lionel and Ryan are finding out that people are disappearing right out of their clothes. "He sat back down and turned the sound up. Breathless CNN announcers told strange stories from around the world as they showed videotaped images of people disappearing right out of their clothes. A husband videotaping his wife about to give birth caught the nurses uniform floating to the ground and his wife's high stomach going suddenly flat. The baby had disappeared." Judd warned Vicki, Lionel and Ryan about these incidents. This had made them more motivated to help Uncle. In this book all of the kids have to learn to believe and have hope in God that he can make everything alright. Judd, Vicki, Lionel and Ryan split up and go each their own ways to get to Uncle. In this book the characters had symbolized God. But in the ending Uncle sadly committed suicide before others could help.

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RESEÑA COMPLETA DE TODA LA SERIEEs la versión juvenil de la serie "Dejados Atrás", pero tiene desarrollo propio, así que puede leerse independientemente.
—Yo Leo Ficción Cristiana

yeah- isn't it great that God actually gives them ANOTHER chance! Praise God for His mercy! I liked the first in the series but haven't read this yet. I think I will read the adult version after I get through all of this series-and by that time I'll be an adult anyway! Want to be friends? :) <>< Aqua

The thing I love about these books is they keep you interested, they're really short, and I never wanna put them down. Judd and Vicki go get his car at the airport. Lionel's uncle kills himself. Lionel and Ryan find out Lionel's Uncle's enemies moved into his house, waiting for Andre. So now everyone's living at Judd's house, and Lionel had to identify the body in the morgue, and says it's not his uncle.

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