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Melissa De La Cruz

Melissa de la Cruz
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Books by Melissa de la Cruz


The Van Alen Legacy (2009)

I decided to read this book because I was bored and want to know what will happen to Schuyler and Oliver but apparently I didn't like this book as much as I like other parts of blue bloods. The character are mainly same but the part I really love was when Mimi realise that she is in love with Kin...

The Van Alen Legacy (2009) by Melissa de la Cruz

Misguided Angel (2010)

Non so come, ma alla fine sono arrivata al quinto libro della saga. Non so se la continuerò, forse è già tanto che abbia letto cinque libri su sette.Come al solito, la storia aveva un sacco di potenziale, ma, in primis per colpa della traduzione, e, in secondo luogo, più in generale, per il modo...

Misguided Angel (2010) by Melissa de la Cruz

Bloody Valentine (2010)

This is a novella spin off from the blue blood series which I haven’t read. Thus all the characters were new to me. Since it refers to places that may be familiar to those who know the previous titles, I’d say it doesn’t stand on it’s own. There is a Companion story to Revelations, about Schuy...

Bloody Valentine (2010) by Melissa de la Cruz

Witches of East End (2011)

Truthfully I have not been reading a lot lately. It's been hard to find something I want to sink my teeth into. However, I got this book on Tuesday and it's now Saturday and I'm finished.I did watch most of the television show (I stopped a bit into season 2) and I really enjoyed it. However, t...

Witches of East End (2011) by Melissa de la Cruz

Gates of Paradise (2013)

I finally got around to reading the last novel in the "Blue Bloods" series. I'm sad to see it finished. This series has really been a guilty pleasure series for me. This last book was no different and this ending was one that this series deserved.We get to learn more about the other side of Schuy...

Gates of Paradise (2013) by Melissa de la Cruz

Keys to the Repository (2010)

Firstly, I liked de la Cruz's addition of her own letter to constant reader. Brought some giggles out of me. Secondly, I love the brief takes into some of the characters. My favorite, by far, "Shelter Island - Dylan's Story". It made me fall in love with his character. To know how affected ...

Keys to the Repository (2010) by Melissa de la Cruz

Blue Bloods: The Graphic Novel (2000)

I'm giving this graphic novel a five-star rating for my enjoyment of it and the plot/story line as if it were the original. I know there is a book series that this is based off of, however the graphic novel is what I read first.I plan on reading the novels in the future, and I'll give them their ...

Blue Bloods: The Graphic Novel (2000) by Melissa de la Cruz

Wolf Pact (2012)

J'ai bouclé la saga en décembre 2012 et depuis j'ai tourné la page. Pour moi, ce spin-off paraît trop tard en VF, j'ai eu le sentiment d'être larguée. Sans compter que les personnages ne m'ont guère inspiré de sympathie, à l'exception de Bliss forcément, qui se révèle plus forte et déterminée, tr...

Wolf Pact (2012) by Melissa de la Cruz

Le pacte des loups (2013)

I had a little trouble appreciating the parts about Bliss and the wolves in Gates of Paradise because I got too excited to read it and failed to read Wolf Pact beforehand. Still, I wanted to understand what I did not while reading the final book in the long-running Blue Bloods series. Despite bei...

Le pacte des loups (2013) by Melissa de la Cruz

Wilczy Pakt (2013)

Did the Blue Bloods series need a shot in the arm? Yes, it did. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the series. There was a lot of information in these books that we’ve been waiting on to make the world that Melissa De La Cruz created more complete. The world of the wolves, those who have not bee...

Wilczy Pakt (2013) by Melissa de la Cruz

Witches of the East (2011)

I really enjoyed this book. It was intriguing and easy to read. Perfect for Halloween. And then the last 30 pages happened. It was like de la Cruz got confused when she was editing and attached the ending from a different manuscript. It also felt like a cop out, because the solution was spru...

Witches of the East (2011) by Melissa de la Cruz

Le streghe di East End (2011)

I found this book only because I watched the first season of the show. It was very, very different. Like, vastly different. Sometimes not necessarily in a good way. Some things I'm going to mention off the top of my head:- I was confused about the plot involving Mimi. Why was it even brought up,...

Le streghe di East End (2011) by Melissa de la Cruz

The Gates of Paradise (2013)

Can't believe it took me years before I finally got the chance of finishing this series. It was one of my favorite series back in my college days. I can still remember those sleepless nights wherein all I did was read and read. It was one of those cases where I graduated college and got excited...

The Gates of Paradise (2013) by Melissa de la Cruz

Les portes du paradis (2012)

SPOILER HIDDEN IN HERE!After reading this ENTIRE series, I have to say that the confusion through the first books makes sense and is very clear and well connected in this final book. It is nicely wrapped up, written excellently and captured me enough to read the entire series. If you have not r...

Les portes du paradis (2012) by Melissa de la Cruz

I segreti dei Sangue Blu (2010)

I liked having this little companion to the series. Some of it was a little redundant if you've read all the books, but I really enjoyed a break down of past lives, conduits and human familiars, as well as the angel names for the main characters. I also really enjoyed the little stories that we...

I segreti dei Sangue Blu (2010) by Melissa de la Cruz

Diary of the White Witch (2012)

I can't believe I actually paid $0.99 for this! so disappointing. I saw that it was a prequel for the Witches of East End novels so I jumped on it before I saw the length... I didn't even notice until I was a few pages in and it said I was at 31% already! Now you could blame me for not reading th...

Diary of the White Witch (2012) by Melissa de la Cruz

The Vampires of Manhattan (2014)

I read all of the Blue Blood series and wanted to see what they would do with a reboot for adults. For me, the book read exactly like the original Blue Bloods novels. As a matter of fact, it was jarring when Mimi (Force) Martin started whining about how she was getting old and less attractive a...

The Vampires of Manhattan (2014) by Melissa de la Cruz

Vampires of Manhattan (2014)

I can't say Blue Bloods is among my favourite series though I've read all the books in it. I didn't expect much from Vampires of Manhattan but I felt I had to read it because you know, old habits die hard. I am so glad I did. The writer and the story have matured so the result is more interesting...

Vampires of Manhattan (2014) by Melissa de la Cruz

Skinny-Dipping (2006)

This is the second summer, and the summer before the girls' senior year.Eliza- her family is making more money now, and she is trying to find a job at a new club. she and jeremy broke up because of the distance, but she is looking forward to seeing him again. it is also revealed that during the w...

Skinny-Dipping (2006) by Melissa de la Cruz

Cat's Meow (2001)

Ugh. Another 'trainwreck' book. I call them this because once I start reading, I fully accept that the book is badly written and not worth my time, but I'm already invested, so I finish it anyway. I understand that the point of the story is to show the rich and sorta-famous side of NYC, but I'd r...

Cat's Meow (2001) by Melissa de la Cruz

Sun-Kissed (2006)

Things start getting a little crazy in this third installment of the popular and addicting series! Actually, all three girls start out the summer thinking that it will be the best ever. Eliza’s got a killer job working for a famous fashion designer and is determined to spend some quality time wit...

Sun-Kissed (2006) by Melissa de la Cruz

Fresh Off the Boat (2005)

FIRST READ: 2011 December (3 stars)I skipped some parts on Melissa de la Cruz's Fresh Off the Boat. The book entertained me a bit and because the narrator was a teenager and mostly talked about, uh, crushes, love (I'm sorry I can no longer remember and when I was reading this I was being crazy ov...

Fresh Off the Boat (2005) by Melissa de la Cruz

Blue Bloods (2007)

Read the full review here @A Perfection Called BooksThe Concept:Blue Bloods is a trio combination of Gossip Girl, angels, and vampires. The idea and premise of this series is original and great! Basically the angels who sided with Lucifer were cast down from heaven and now they are Blue Bloods, v...

Blue Bloods (2007) by Melissa de la Cruz

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