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Bloody Valentine (2010)

Bloody Valentine (2010)

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About book Bloody Valentine (2010)

This is a novella spin off from the blue blood series which I haven’t read. Thus all the characters were new to me. Since it refers to places that may be familiar to those who know the previous titles, I’d say it doesn’t stand on it’s own. There is a Companion story to Revelations, about Schuyler and jack’s final meeting from jack’s point of viewI liked the opening line. “Just another night in Suck City.” Oliver introduced at the bar grieving. trying to forget about Schuyler, Freya helps him forget. By track 11 the story has changed to be about Gabriella and Charles which put me off balance since I didn’t get the connection till the end. It comes out of the blue in track 11. Gabriella and Charles are bonded but Gabriella sucks the blood of a human, Ben, and becomes pregnant with Schuyler. This I learned later. I thought the book was great. It really explained how it all started with Allegra and Charles. They were going to a school called Endicott, and wanted to blend in with the other children there. Allegra then met a boy who she fell in love with even though she was bonded to Charles. Charles then got jealous of Bendix, because he loved Allegra with all his heart. Another important part of the book was when Oliver almost gave up hope about being alive. He was at a pub when he met Freya. She was the bartender, and she told him that what he was about to do was a bad idea. He then changed his mind about going to the blood house and went back to Freya. She helped him brake the bond between him and Schuyler. He no longer felt the need to be with her. The last part of the book talks about Jack and Schuyler getting bonded. Oliver and Bliss went to their bonding only to find more trouble. The Venators tried to take Jack away from Schuyler again, but that did not happen. They found their way back to each other, and got bonded the day before he went back to New York to face his sister, Mimi."Bloody Valentine" is told in first person point of view. There are different sections in the book that is told by different people. Each character goes through a lot of pressure and a lot of difficult times in this book. Allegra is not supposed to fall in love with a Red Blood, but she does. Schuyler was supposed to be an abomination, but ended up bonding with a Blue Blood."Bloody Valentine" takes place in Florence and New York in the present time. Florence is very important, because it is where Jack and Schuyler are. They get bonded in Florence which means they will spend forever with each other now. The beginning of the book takes place in New York where Oliver finally gets help from Freya. It was where he finally was broke free of the spell of wanting to be with Schuyler. The theme that I thought was most dominant in this book is to fight for what you love. Jack and Schuyler fought for each other even when they thought they couldn't be together. I would recommend this book to each high school girls or even younger. I think any girl could really get into this series.

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