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Blue Bloods (2007)

Blue Bloods (2007)

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Read the full review here @A Perfection Called BooksThe Concept:Blue Bloods is a trio combination of Gossip Girl, angels, and vampires. The idea and premise of this series is original and great! Basically the angels who sided with Lucifer were cast down from heaven and now they are Blue Bloods, vampires, who live in 100 year long cycles, trying to achieve redemption. I like it! It's a cool concept :) Some parts of the concept are a bit hard to grasp. Cruz doesn't do a very good job of explaining things and constantly contradicts herself: "So in a way, we are all related, but we are not related at all" Yup that totally makes sense. The Setting: Helloooo Upper East Side !! Oh the opulence and wealth. Quite fun to read of, but wayyy too much time was spent describing the luxury and the name-brand clothing and furniture. Most of this book was spent describing everyone's designer-brand things, I'd have liked more of the story to be about, oh I don't know, the plot perhaps? The Writing:Cruz's writing is fine. It's simple; she writes fluffy, light stories. I caught a grammar mistake or two in the writing. Cruz is great at describing, sometimes she goes overboard though. This book lacks humor and fun. I wish Cruz would incorporate that into her books (please, anything to liven up this series)!The Plot:There is a plot! It just goes NOWHERE. There's so much that could be done with this series but the execution is so poor that it goes nowhere! It hurts my bookworm heart because this series could be so good if written the right way. But alas, we instead are forced to read 250 pages of nothingness and 50 pages of actual story and plot development and movement. The focus of this book is completely wrong. Stop focusing on the wealth of the Blue Bloods and the Upper East Side scene. Focus on the threats, the Silver Bloods! Have some character and plot development. Have meaningful scenes, not just randomly thrown-in ones. The Characters: I don't like any of the characters. It's sad. Schuyler is okay. She's so dull though. Jack is mysterious and hot but besides that he doesn't have much going for him. I loathe Mimi, and her pride and vanity make me want to slap her. Bliss is a dolt. And she's way too obsessed with what people think of her. All of these characters get on my nerves. The Romance:It goes from zero to sixty in 3.5. What. The. Heck. Jack and Schuyler hardly know each other and then they suddenly love each other? And I think a love triangle might be forming? And there's definitely some incest... EW INCEST. I just want to puke when I think of Jack and Mimi together. Bleh :P If I see any incestuous things happening in this series I will chuck the book across the room and start purging. Bleh. Mimi and Jack?! Ew. And Mimi WANTS Jack? Ew. I don't care about the little technicalities and how it's like "hey we're kind of siblings kind of not. We just so happen to be called back to live in this cycle as twin siblings," don't even. That's called incest. Cruz, don't even try to make it better by confusing me even more with the bonding rituals that Blue Bloods have that they renew with that same partner during each cycle... Ew. Incest. No. Ew. The Cliches:There are so many cliches that made me roll my eyes in this book:- The plain protagonist is suddenly found out to be gorgeous- The popular guy who's never given her two words suddenly is all interested in her- Protagonist's mom is in a coma - Missing father- Ordinary girl finds out she's not so ordinary- BFF in love with protagonist, protagonist can't see it even though it's obvious - Unique protagonist first name that you've never heard of before- Spoiled queen bee who does evil things (especially to the protagonist)Overall:Blue Bloods was a bad start to the series. I'm holding onto the hope that this series gets better. It's an interesting concept and a great plot idea. Now if only the execution could improve...

Book Review (This pic is from btw) I've been wanting to read this series for a long time now but unfortunately I was always got sidetracked by other vampire series (e.g. The Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Vampire Academy, House of Night, Evernight Series, Morganville Vampires, Sookie Stackhouse series, The Mortal Instruments Trilogy, Night Huntress). Whoa that was a long list, should I just say I'm a vampire addict? (blame this on Meyer's Twilight).Okay so yeah I picked it up due to these reasons:1. My friends Szam, Julie, Gabby and Isamlq (etc. in case I forgot someone) always talked about the series that I felt left out and out of place, so might as well read this so that I can join in their bubble of conversation.2. It has vampires in it, 'nuff said.3. It was actually authored by a Filipina-American author(I'm a Filipina too btw), so yeah cool beans, should definitely read this to show some Filipino love.So now will gonna have pros and cons...Pros1. Vampires (check)2. Filipina Author (check)3. A heroine that is not whiny, weak, Mary Sue, and stupid (*coughs*shall I just put Bella Swan here*coughs*) (check)4. Hot guys (check)5. Cool vampire lore (check)6. Fashion (check)7. Vampires and shool life (check)8. Teen drama (check)9. Love triangle (check)10. A surprise that I didn't see coming (check)11. Writing is not crappy *coughs*House of Night, Fallen, Twilight, and Sookie Stackhouse*coughs*(check)12. Lovable and quirky characters *my faves were Dylan and Bliss and I'm Team Ollie btw* (check)13. Sexy (check)Okay what I found original in this one:1. The idea that vampires came from fallen angels.2. The blue bloods, silver bloods and red bloods.3. The repository thingy.4. The stages of vampire life thingy.5. The conduits.6. The Sacred Kiss thingy.Cons1. Similarities (euphemism for rip-off) with other books:>House of Night-also use the term vampyre-the queen bee thingy-Zoey and Sky has lots of common like they have this prophecy thingy about saving the vampyres blah blah blah-Bliss and Dylan's relationship reminds me of Rephaim and Stevie Rae>Gossip Girl-mention of brands-parties, clubs, smoking, modeling etc.-Manhattan Elites (even the place- East Side)-the popular and non-popular group-the sex>City of Bones-Ollie reminds me of Simon-Allegra reminds me of Clary's mom (both were in coma and have the famous position on their race)-Incest (Jack and Mimi)>Evernight-the mix of vampires and humans in one academy-the mention that they're vampires also happen in the middle of the plot>Fallen and Evermore-At first I thought that Jack and Sky's relationship was similar with Luce and Daniel and Ever and Damen relationships but I was wrong and I didn't see it coming that tuuuuuuut was what Jack old mate(can I say mate? idk maybe lover?)(extra)Favorite Scene:>my favorite scene was the interrupted sacred kiss(and sex) between Dylan and Bliss and I was like this but then Bliss' father came Yeah I like it and will still read the next books ^^___________________________________________________________I think it's time for me to read a Vampire story told by a Filipina author >.<

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So I was reading a Cracked article a little while ago. It told me that you get addicted to pop music because it sets off the pleasure centre of your brain. Cracked also told me that your brain derives pleasure from particularly predictable music because your brain enjoys predicting things and enjoys being right even more.Finally, humanity's explanation for NickelbackNo... seriously, look at this:Look at this photographEverytime I do it makes me _________How did our eyes get so redAnd what the hell is on Joey's _________And this is where I grew upI think the present owner fixed it ________I never knew we'd ever went withoutThe second floor is hard for sneaking _________Your welcome, by the way, for all that brain crack I just gave you.Now, despite the fact that that article is only 60% exaggerated bullshit (you must agree, that's fairly good for a Cracked article!) I strongly believe there IS something to that predictablility factor that makes things enjoyable to our brains - which explains about 90% of the YA Paranormal genre.Blue Bloods is brain crack at it's core. Yet I gave it three stars. Vampires? Check.Teenagers? Check.Exclusive vampire school? Check.Danger? Check.Vampire hotty? Well, this gets a merit check for the ATTEMPT at a vampire hotty.Love triangle? Check.This book was painfully corny and the writing wasn't that great.If you've read one YA paranormal then you've pretty much read them all.The only reason this one got 3 stars:1. Because it actually tried hard to have an original storyline/mystery - even if both ended up nonsensical.2. The very end with Jack. That was actually satisfying.Otherwise, keep walking, people. Nothing to see here.
—Kat Kennedy

I am painfully, painfully addicted. Not entirely in spite of the trashiness (because a small part of me finds the constant detailed descriptions of everyone's outfit deeply entertaining - hi, Laurell K Hamilton for the Gossip Girl set!), but if you dig beyond the uneven pacing, the telling instead of showing, and the constant! references! to everyone's! extreme! wealth!, there is some very, very interesting mythology being crafted here, with some deeply twisted and intriguing relationships as a

In a word: Boring! I tried to get into this book several times, but each attempt was failed. I couldn't even make it all the way through the first chapter without skimming. By chapter eleven I still was not sucked into the world. The characters were very drab and lack-luster. Even the names in this book annoyed me. Kitty, Aggie, Mimi, Trinity, Jack Force, BLISS!! All seemed forced and too cutesy. WAY too much emphasis and description on the clothes the kids were wearing and the streets and archi

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