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Sun-Kissed (2006)

Sun-Kissed (2006)

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Things start getting a little crazy in this third installment of the popular and addicting series! Actually, all three girls start out the summer thinking that it will be the best ever. Eliza’s got a killer job working for a famous fashion designer and is determined to spend some quality time with her long-distance boyfriend Jeremy. Mara’s got a press pass into the hottest parties in the Hamptons as part of her job for working at Hamptons magazine. On top of that, she’s living with Ryan on his yacht, a prelude to what she hopes will be two glorious years of being at college with him. Now if only Dartmouth would move her off their waiting list…Meanwhile, Jacqui’s freshly single and thinking about finding The One. Three Harvard students, self-made millionaires, happen to fortunately live next door, and all three of them would do anything for Jacqui. Trouble is, Jacqui can’t make up her mind as to which one of the three boys is THE One for her. In the meanwhile, however, she guesses she’ll just get together with all three of them…But as everyone knows, things hardly ever go as planned. The girls’ summer might not be as great as they had imagined it to be. But through loves gained and loves lost, they will always have each other.

I really enjoyed reading the first two Au Pairs novels and Sun Kissed was very enjoyable too.It was good to see all three girls back together again for a summer of adventure, fun and of course drama. It was also good to see all my old favourite characters back for another fun book.While this is a totally fun, light and breezy book I have to admit there was a couple of parts that had me tearing in the eyes. I also had a good laugh and I also got angry. Melissa de la Cruz did an awesome job at capturing emotions and putting them on paper.The storyline was good. It wasn't hugely heavy and I have to say that some parts of it I found to be incredibly relatable.Sun Kissed is the perfect book to read in the summer time. If you haven't read the first two books in the series I suggest you do before starting on this one as they do relate. So if you're looking for a great book this summer I guarantee that Sun Kissed and the rest of the Au Pairs books will fill your need of a highly entertaining but light and summery read.

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The girls reunite for their third summer in the Hamptons. Eliza starts out interning for a designer, but her ambition and talent cost her the job (ironically). Through this adversity Eliza finds her true passion and motivation and experiences the joy that comes from working hard for something you want. Mara is living with Ryan on his boat, working as a reporter for the local paper. But living together does not work well for the couple as they see how incompatible their lives are. Ryan wants to surf and party with his frat buddies and Mara is out at all hours working on her assignments. Jacqui is the only one still working for the Perry's. She is trying to make sure the Perry's don't divorce so she can stay in New York until she gets into NYU. In the meantime, she dates all three of the next door neighbors to distract herself. Another fun, shallow beach read. At this point, the characters seem kind of dull. I feel like Eliza has grown the most, but I got bored with the other two. Hopefully the fourth book spices things up a bit.
—Pamela Hubbard

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