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Lora Leigh

Lora Leigh
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Books by Lora Leigh


The Magical Christmas Cat (2008)

English/Italian reviewI've read just Nalini Singh's story, but I liked it so much.Annie, human and elementary school teacher, and Zach, DarkRiver soldier and ranger, are adorable together. I really liked both of them and the only disappointment I had was that I wanted to read more about them (but...

The Magical Christmas Cat (2008) by Lora Leigh

Nauti Intentions (2009)

Looks like I read this book out of order and I've decided after reading this book that I'm getting the other ones today. The entire book was full of suspense, comedy and hot and steamy chemistry between Alex and Janey, sister to Natches.The book starts off on a fast pace when Alex and Natches re...

Nauti Intentions (2009) by Lora Leigh

Wicked Intent (2004)

Quite twisted, loved tally, she's a vixen, strong willed and dominant in her own right! loved Lucian and Devril too, but Lucian over powered his twin Devril in my opinion. Even though Leigh tried to give Dev 'his five minutes of fame' he still was shadowed in my opinion. really have no idea how ...

Wicked Intent (2004) by Lora Leigh

Nautier and Wilder (2013)

3 stars for Lora Leigh. While the Nauti Girls series is good, it's lacking compared to the Nauti Boys series. 4 stars for Jaci Burton. This was a good story. I wished it would of followed up more on the original Wild Riders. I'm assuming this was the last in the series, and it would of been nice ...

Nautier and Wilder (2013) by Lora Leigh

Mercury's War (2008)

This could have easily been a five if there had been a little more storyline enhancement--there were all these plans and then the big "surprise" and then instead of everyone wondering what is going on with the convenient "surprise" they run off and have mating heat sex. Ok, I understand you just...

Mercury's War (2008) by Lora Leigh

Lion's Heat (2010)

Jonas es un personaje que lleva apareciendo y maquinando en esta serie casi desde el principio, por eso, y aunque he tratado de no hacerlo, tenía mis expectativas con su libro y su compañera. Bien porque es una mujer fuerte y que no se deja manejar por él, pero su relación y como van intimando me...

Lion's Heat (2010) by Lora Leigh

Men of Danger (2010)

This book has four stories. The first is Hannah's Luck I give it 5 stars. Hannah Brooke's is a kindergarten teacher and sheriff Rick Grayson the hometown hottie she has a crush on are dating. She is having problems with someone breaking into her house and Rick is turning all Alpha on her. Can the...

Men of Danger (2010) by Lora Leigh

Nauti and Wild (2010)

Two stories—the first is Nauti Kisses by Lora Leigh and centers around John Walker, Jr. and Sierra Lucas. John is living on a houseboat at the marina when Sierra is brought to him for safety. Someone tried to kill her and would have if her roommate had not come home. Until her would-be killer ...

Nauti and Wild (2010) by Lora Leigh

Tied with a Bow (2011)

I read the first story by Virginia Kantra its the lost of what is published of The Children Of series and this story was about a child of the air, an angel, he lost wings and powers to help a human girl as a last wish from her dying mother. After 8 years Amy is 17 or 18 but fate has brought her a...

Tied with a Bow (2011) by Lora Leigh

The Magical Christmas Cat (Christmas Heat) (2008)

Only read psy-changling one. I really adore the H. He is playful, devoted and very understanding, not the domineering and commanding type at all. He understands the h's insecurity and though it is against his nature, he gives her time to accept the relationship.The h is also not a bit different w...

The Magical Christmas Cat (Christmas Heat) (2008) by Lora Leigh

Secret Sins (2012)

Sheriff Archer Tobias has known the Callahan family for years. He is helping them try to find out who is after them and murdering anyone who gets close to them. Anna Corbin is cousins to the Callahan family but has been kept away by her family due to their fear that the "Slasher" will hurt her. ...

Secret Sins (2012) by Lora Leigh

Legally Hot (2012)

Sheila's Passion by Lora Leigh- This has all the trappings of what you expect from Lora Leigh. The first 5 pages are a vividly described intense sexual scene. It ends in some high school type drama and proceeds from there. There were pages where I was on board with the hero and others where I was...

Legally Hot (2012) by Lora Leigh

Nauti Temptress (2012)

Enjoyed the first book in Leigh's Nauti Girls series. Eve is Dawg's half sister. She is in lust with Brogan who happens to be a secret agent for a branch of Homeland Security.The Nauti Boys know Brogan is an undercover agent in their little town of Somerset. They recognize the signs of Brogan's f...

Nauti Temptress (2012) by Lora Leigh

Nauti Enchantress (2014)

Chick meets bad boy and automatically there's instant-lust/love but they can't be together 'cause she's too young (18yrs) and he's emotionally broken yada yada. Sound familiar? What's a girl gotta do to still see him? Become best friends with the guy's little sister. (They're both about the same ...

Nauti Enchantress (2014) by Lora Leigh

Wicked Intent (Bound Hearts, #4) (2000)

Tally is a OCD passive aggressive freak. I don't like her so much, but I do like the twins that tame her. It's too bad that she wraps them around her little finger. I'd rather they discipline her. Lucian and Devril gives her too much leeway. Ms. Leigh's men are all so alpha yet they spoil th...

Wicked Intent (Bound Hearts, #4) (2000) by Lora Leigh

Rule Breaker (2014)

In this book you finally find out about the baby Amber. And what can be done to save her. Nine years ago Gypsy saw her brother murdered by Coyote breeds. She has blamed herself and has become a contact for the secret group Unknown. Rule knew if he found his mate he would run the other way, so whe...

Rule Breaker (2014) by Lora Leigh

Lawe's Justice (2011)

There is something about this story that just doesn't sit well with me. The search for the three people injected with the same serum as Jonas' daughter complicates the storyline thoroughly, confusingly written in the way things are dragged out piece by piece. I think it makes the whole story hard...

Lawe's Justice (2011) by Lora Leigh

Cowboy and the Captive (2004)

1.5/5; 2 stars; DI finished this but with a heavy dose of skimming. I thought I'd try another book by this author that wasn't in the 'Breed' series; hoping, in vain, that it would be more to my liking. It doesn't show in my GR library but I've tried quite a few books by Lora Leigh over the years...

Cowboy and the Captive (2004) by Lora Leigh

Nauti Deceptions (2010)

HOT,HOT,HOT. Enjoyed this book. Loved Rigues sass unless and Zekes dominance. Also saucy enough

Nauti Deceptions (2010) by Lora Leigh

Nauti Temtress (2012)

I love Lora Leigh. As with her Nauti boys series, I lI love the beginning of this Nauti girls series. I look forward to reading the rest and can't wait to get the others. I think that Lora Leigh mixes the hot scenes with the action scenes really well. And she does an excellent job of wrapping...

Nauti Temtress (2012) by Lora Leigh

Stygian's Honor (2012)

Ohhhhhh what can I say about this book?Well I'll start with a bit of background first. When I first started on GR I rated all the books I'd read in the series so far at 5 stars, because I loved the series and was still getting my head around the whole rating thing. Just over a year down the line,...

Stygian's Honor (2012) by Lora Leigh

Navarro's Promise (2011)

Meh.......I quite enjoyed the previous books, but this one just has so many faults in it...English is not my first language, and still I found that my toes curled due to grammar mistakes and just really bad editing. (Which is not uncommon for LL books)Also, in the very end there is a mayor f**k ...

Navarro's Promise (2011) by Lora Leigh

Hot for the Holidays (2009)

Vampire's Ball by Angela Knight Kat Danilo's childhood turned tragic when her sister become the victim of a serial killer. Years later, she gets a chance at justice when she discovers she'd the daughter of Lancelot, vampire knight of the Round Table. But first, she's got to convince a handsome va...

Hot for the Holidays (2009) by Lora Leigh

Stygian's Honor by Lora Leigh (2000)

I've seen reviews of this book and know there are a few disappointed readers ... for me it's been, probably about a year I think, that I've actually read a or picked up the latest 'Breed' novel so I actually LIKED this book. I've been waiting for Cassie's story since like forever and reading th...

Stygian's Honor by Lora Leigh (2000) by Lora Leigh

Bengal's Heart (2009)

Primer libro de la saga en mucho tiempo y en general me ha gustado. Sigo quedándome con la sensación de que la autora va cambiando cosas a medida que escribe, y al ser Cabal (el prota) y Tanner gemelos esperaba que este último saliera un poco más y apenas hace un brevísimo cameo tipo "hola, pasab...

Bengal's Heart (2009) by Lora Leigh

Ultimate Sins (2014)

A suspenseful book but it would be best to read the other books in the series in order before reading this one.Young women are being killed in Corbin County and the killer has been dubbed the Slasher. The targeted women are those closest to the Callahan cousins. Wayne Sorenson has always seemed...

Ultimate Sins (2014) by Lora Leigh

Megan's Mark (2006)

Megan Fields has been struggling with her empathic abilities for the better part of her life. It was her inability to block other people's emotions that forced her to abandon her life-long dream to work in "serious" law enforcement, so now she makes her living as a sheriff's deputy in a small tow...

Megan's Mark (2006) by Lora Leigh

Forbidden Pleasure (2007)

Eighth in the Bound Hearts erotic romance series. The threesome focus is on Keiley, Mac, and Jethro Riggs and, yeah, a bit out of the main stream for this series, as this story takes place on Mac's family farm in North Carolina.My TakeThis is my favorite of the series. I think it's the kitchen......

Forbidden Pleasure (2007) by Lora Leigh

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