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Nauti Intentions (2009)

Nauti Intentions (2009)

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0425226050 (ISBN13: 9780425226056)
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About book Nauti Intentions (2009)

Looks like I read this book out of order and I've decided after reading this book that I'm getting the other ones today. The entire book was full of suspense, comedy and hot and steamy chemistry between Alex and Janey, sister to Natches.The book starts off on a fast pace when Alex and Natches rescue Janey from their father. Their father was using her as a pawn to make Natches do what he wanted. This backfired but ultimately left Janey with post traumatic syndrome. Nathches leaves her for a few months to go on a government mission only to return and pursue Janey. She's closed off and living life day by day like a robot. She won't let herself feel emotions for fear of her past piling on her and breaking down. Natches can't seem to get through to her as well. This would seem like a lot except for the fact that someone has seen Alex begin to pursue Janey and now she's being threatened. The chase is on to find whose threatening her and for Alex to finally get Janey where he's always wanted her since she was seventeen, under him.This story was a fantastic blend of seduction and suspense. I loved every minute I read it. Another 5 star scorcher from Lora Leigh! Honestly this woman can write some of the most hot scenes as well as tear jerking, gut wrenching emotionally tender ones as well! Truly the gift of a well versed writer and lovely storyteller! Her characters (the Mackay's), their significant others, and team of intelligence are beyond description stong in depth, each one drawing the reader in and making one crave more! Love this series!

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