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Jane Green

Jane Green
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Books by Jane Green


Another Piece of My Heart (2012)

While I did enjoy reading this book and was able to appreciate aspects of it coming from a broken home, I felt it very repetitive. I kept waiting for this drama to be over with Emily and move on to Andi. I then finally realized that it was not about Andi, but about Emily, which honestly, made me...

Another Piece of My Heart (2012) by Jane Green

Family Pictures (2013)

Here's yet another book that I couldn't put down. Sure, parts of it were pretty predictable....two women living on opposite coasts, both with husbands who travel (on opposite coasts) for work a good bit each month and seem to go off the grid when they are away. I'll just leave it at that. Y'all a...

Family Pictures (2013) by Jane Green

Dune Road (2009)

I normally love Jane Green novels but this one felt outside the author's comfort zone. She set her story in a U.S. beach town as if trying to compete with the popular beach reads and her quirky style feel flat. Her characters seemed unbelievable and without spoiling the read, one especially conti...

Dune Road (2009) by Jane Green

The Patchwork Marriage (2012)

Bleh. The characters kept having the same arguments and epiphanies OVER AND OVER. Haven't read a Jane Green in quite a few years....happily I have returned to a good one....

The Patchwork Marriage (2012) by Jane Green

The Accidental Husband (2013)

This was a fine read, but not something to put at the top of your list.To be fair, I did finish the entire book...and it had a few interesting characters, but once the plot twist is revealed, you just know what's coming.I think there was an interesting, potentially fascinating story here, but the...

The Accidental Husband (2013) by Jane Green

Family Pictures. by Jane Green (2013)

Surprisingly good. The secret was obvious from the beginning and I didn't expect to like this book much. But it was heartfelt and lovely, with a very satisfying ending. I liked it more than I thought I would. The only criticism is that the story is about two American families but so clearly writt...

Family Pictures. by Jane Green (2013) by Jane Green

Girl Friday (2000)

I enjoyed this book, but I do wish a few things would have been different:1. I realize the author is British, but if you're going to write about America, use the correct verbiage. We do not have car parks here, we have parking lots. We don't "get on" with one another, we "get along." And so forth...

Girl Friday (2000) by Jane Green

A Walk in the Park (2012)

This is a perfect example of why I don't choose to read short stories. This story was just way too short. It ended up feeling more like a long commercial for Biore--which was name dropped WAY too many times for how short this story was. If all that could have been minimized, though, and the story...

A Walk in the Park (2012) by Jane Green

Cosmo's Sexiest Stories Ever: Three Naughty Tales (2011)

Unfortunately these are not the sexiest stories I've ever read. I've read much sexier, steamier stories. However, I don't think this is the fault of the writers more than it's a fault of the format of the stories. They're just too short. In fact, I don't know if I'd call them stories as more than...

Cosmo's Sexiest Stories Ever: Three Naughty Tales (2011) by Jane Green

To Have and to Hold (2005)

This book has been sitting in my tbr book pile for so long that I can't actually remember how I acquired it. I had never heard of Jane Green before I picked this up so I didn't know what to expect but I actually really enjoyed the book. This book reminded me of one of those entertaining lower-bud...

To Have and to Hold (2005) by Jane Green

Bookends (2003)

Sepanjang yang bisa aku ingat, aku cinta buku. Bukan Cuma cinta, tapi tergila-gila. Biasanya aku menghabiskan berjam-jam berkelana ke toko-toko buku, lupa waktu, menenggelamkan diri ke dunia lain.Sejak dulu aku bermimpi memiliki toko buku. Sebenarnya, sejak dulu aku bermimpi memiliki toko buku ya...

Bookends (2003) by Jane Green

Jemima J: A Novel About Ugly Ducklings and Swans (2001)

So here's the thing. Before I purged all of my Amazon reviews I think most people would have realized that I used to be a huge fan of Jane Green. I loved Jemima J, Mr. Maybe, and even loved Bookends. Then I started to really not get many of Jane Green's later books and after a while just stopped ...

Jemima J: A Novel About Ugly Ducklings and Swans (2001) by Jane Green

Babyville (2004)

I read Babyville as an abridged audiobook (only because an unabridged format was unavailable to me) and it wasn’t the witty, sarcastic read I was expecting it to be. At times it was downright depressing and sometimes irritating. What happened to the humor Green’s previous books were lauded for? W...

Babyville (2004) by Jane Green

Swapping Lives (2006)

It was okay. Started out promising, but ultimately tripped over its own feet. For context: I didn't choose this book; I obtained it through the library's "Blind Date with a Book" Valentine's Day promotion. It was advertised as "Fun, riotous, poignant" but I found it to be none of those things. To...

Swapping Lives (2006) by Jane Green

Straight Talking (2003)

Tasha, the heroine of the story, who also narrates directly to us, the readers, is a very messed up woman who's definition of the perfect relationship is skewed. She goes from one hot passionate relationship to the next, never understanding why it all goes belly up. Her most recent serious relati...

Straight Talking (2003) by Jane Green

This Christmas (2009)

I received this book as a gift last Christmas, and being that it was too late to read it by then, I thought it would be perfect to read now in the run-up to this year's seasonal festivities.Well, meh…This book contains three short stories, all focusing on relationships around the Christmas period...

This Christmas (2009) by Jane Green

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