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This Christmas (2009)

This Christmas (2009)

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I received this book as a gift last Christmas, and being that it was too late to read it by then, I thought it would be perfect to read now in the run-up to this year's seasonal festivities.Well, meh…This book contains three short stories, all focusing on relationships around the Christmas period. The first story is by Jane Green and it involves a married couple going through difficulties during the "holiday season", as the Americans call it. It explored an interesting theme about marriage over the years, and how a husband and wife can lose sight of who they are and were, and while the husband was quite well depicted in what was a fairly short space of time, I'm afraid I just couldn't empathise with the wife. I'm not sure what it was about her, but when I think about it, I've found the female leads in the last few of Jane Green's books quite difficult to get a handle on. I don't personally find them as likeable as the heroines from her earlier "chick lit" books and I don't know whether this is because those heroines tended to be utterly average, just like you and me, whereas most of her recent female leads are women who often lead very privileged lives. Not sure -- jury still out on that one.The second story is by Jennifer Coburn and revolves, from what I could glean over the course of the first few pages, around a new second wife who is hysterically obsessed by her husband's first wife and decides to try and marry her off to try and halt her unexplained obsession. After the first few pages I just gave up entirely. The characters were just unbelievable and I'd imagine, if I'd ever laid eyes on one of those "Desperate Real Housewives of the OC" programmes (which I haven't), that this is what they'd be like. I have better things to be reading, so I gave up on this story.This book was saved (ish) at the last minute by the final story, by Liz Ireland. Focusing on the "black sheep" daughter of a family and her triumph at bringing home her great new boyfriend for the holidays, it is an amusing story about a family who surprises the female lead at their total reversal of behaviour, and her discovery of the truth about who she really wants to kiss under the mistletoe. The characters in this story were much more well drawn and I was happy with the ending of the story. Thank God for this one at the end, otherwise I do feel as if the whole book would have been a disaster!

This book comprises three different seasonal stories by different authors. The first story "Holiday" by Jane Green is a great read regarding a relationship between husband and wife and what their combined life means to each other when they are together and when apart. It deals with how reliant you become and how you can take each other for granted. The second called "The Second Wife Of Reilly" by Jennifer Coburn did nothing for me. I found the story line silly - so much so that reading two thirds of the story I fast-forwarded to the third story in the book.The third story is called "Mistletoe & Holly" by Liz Ireland. I enjoyed this, although at times it seemed a little drawn out. I don't know that I would recommend anybody to read this book as I felt the middle story let the other two down.

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3 contemporary Christmas stories. None of which have ANY sex. Jane Green - 4 stars. WOW! This starts out as a sad story. Married couple who used to be madly in love, now... not so much. He gets transfered to Chicago & she thinks it's a sign to seperate. As they spend time apart, they both begin to take stock of their relationship. Can it be saved? You've got to read the story (but would I give it 4 stars if they can't?). Jennifer Coburn - a reluctant 3 stars. I really didn't want to like this one. A whole novel was apparently written about Reilly & his effed up 1st wife. She's a dingbat who cheats on him at her high school reunion, then wants to divorce him. Her antics are recalled throughout this story & BOY am I glad I never read THAT one!! Reilly is now married to Sarah & she's feeling insecure about the 1st wife trying to get Reilly back (he'd have to be a brain dead IDIOT!), so she's trying to get #1 married off again. It's kind of a goofy story, but some of it actually works for me. It's not a story I re-read every year. Probably because Reilly is in very little of it. Liz Ireland - 3 stars. A great holiday story about a girl coming home for the holidays with a stud boyfriend. Her best friend (also a boy)comes along for the ride. He's obviously her match made in heaven (to everyone but them). She comes home to a family in shambles. Kind of fun in a train wreak kind of way. Merry Christmas!

1.5 Stars3 short stories by 3 authors. Jane Green's story was readable but, I was looking forward to a more realistic outcome. I enjoy Jane's books, but I felt cheated out of good story telling for a quick release of 3 bad Christmas stories. In this first one, Sarah and Eddie find themselves unhappy in their marriage. They moved to the suburbs, had children, grew fat and fell out of love. (view spoiler)[ After separating, overnight they fix themselves up, lose weight and automatically fall back in love. (hide spoiler)]
—Rio (Lynne)

This was a good reads book that I won November 15th. It didn't come by mail until late January. I would have rather read during the holidays since all 3 stories are Christmas related.I enjoyed story 1. I especially liked how Sarah & Eddie each grow and change and make good on mistakes made. I wished the story would have continued a bit more before ending abruptly. Yeah for Eddie for working hard and having faith in their marriage. All in all it was a cute Christmas story.Book 2 I would have skipped if it wasnt a goodreads win. I hated how neurotic that Sarah was. She was deceptive with Reilly which seemed strange considering that his first wife was the same way. I felt the crude language could have been left out all together. The book was getting slightly better once she comes clean with Reilly on the last 9 pages of the book. WAY too late. Very unrealistic and whiney. I don't recommend reading this one.Book 3 was really cute. It was a bit predictable but fun to read throughout. The irony was great. The characters made me smile and made me laugh. I would really be interested in reading more from Liz Ireland.
—Pam Engman

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