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To Have And To Hold (2005)

To Have and to Hold (2005)

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0767912276 (ISBN13: 9780767912273)
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This book has been sitting in my tbr book pile for so long that I can't actually remember how I acquired it. I had never heard of Jane Green before I picked this up so I didn't know what to expect but I actually really enjoyed the book. This book reminded me of one of those entertaining lower-budget films about love. The films that have sort-of famous actors; the movies that are so cheesy and clichéd but you enjoy them all the same because they just work. They're a little far-fetched and predictable but they're just a pleasure to watch. I enjoyed the book the exact same way I would enjoy one of these movies. This doesn't actually work for a lot of books but it did with this one and that's why I decided to give this book 4 stars. I loved Alice. I've seen a lot of reviews on here that criticise Alice for being stupid but I don't think she was stupid or oblivious at all. She knew what Joe was doing, she even said she always knew at one point. People have to understand that sometimes you see all the obvious signs but you're in denial and that's not stupidity in my opinion. Alice was deeply unhappy and lost and it's only when she comes into herself that she finally decides to do something about her cheating husband. I loved how that all unfolded. Joe was emotionally abusing her, he was manipulative and he knew exactly what to say to get what he wanted from her. She really stood no chance against him at the start. I absolutely despised Joe. I hate reading books where cheating is justified and Joe justified it constantly. It was never his fault though and his passages really ticked me off. I loved Alice & Emily's friendship. I loved how they treated each other and sometimes I got so wrapped up in their conversations that I would forget that I was reading a book. They made me laugh and I think their friendship is a good example of what a real friendship should be like (for the most part!). I loved the many different POV's. It removed the mystery and it gave you an insight into so many characters. This doesn't work with every book but it definitely worked with this one. I also loved how the ending told us what happened to all the characters. Not all books tell you what happens and sometimes it's just nice to know. I would recommend this to chic-lit lovers. Yes, it makes you hate men for a bit but it's also kind of empowering. You don't need a man to make you happy. You just need to be happy with yourself. That's one of the best kinds of messages you can put out there. I would read more by Jane Green as I enjoyed her writing style for the most part. She rambled a bit with some descriptive passages but overall I think she's a good writer. I couldn't put this book down. I just wanted to know how everything would turn out!

1)Joe is the cliché womanizer jerk. He chooses to marry Alice because she is malleable and supple, and although she is not the prettiest of girls, he knows he will be able to turn her into whatever he wants. 2)Alice is, in fact, malleable and supple. She does everything she hates to please her husband, and plays the part of the trophy wife very, very well. She is so afraid to lose him that she believes all of his ridiculous excuses for when he is with his mistresses: late night business meetings and dinners with clients. In her five years of marriage, she loses all her self-love. 3)Emily is Alice's best friend. She finds the perfect man, Harry, and even though in the beginning she is in love, she eventually gets bored. 4)Josie was supposed to be Joe's new work colleague, but turns to be yet another affair. When they get caught in action in the workplace, Joe is forced to move to the US to replace someone. But Alice doesn't know any of that, and doesn't want to move. Joe tells her it is going to be a great opportunity for his career, and convinces her by offering to buy a house in the country, which has always been her dream.5)The life in the country is perfect for Alice. She goes back to being who she really is, and finds real happiness. However, her happiness means nothing for Joe, who starts to hate the fact that Alice doesn't care that much for her appearance anymore. That turns him off, and that is the perfect excuse for Joe to get back on track with the affairs he once promised to stop with. 6)Emily and Harry visit Alice and Joe for the holidays. Harry and Alice become good friends, who think very much alike and have a strong connection. (view spoiler)[They get high at a New Year's Eve party and kiss, but Emily sees, then breaks up with Harry and stop talking to Alice. Joe, in the other hand, knows nothing about it. (hide spoiler)]

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This book is about a couple called Alice and Joe. Alice is very much in love with him so in love with him that she marries him.... they live in a lovely house in London but not for very long as joes indiscretions force him a transfer and they both have to move to connecticut America. however they buy a cottage in the country side bit Joes only down there at weekends (sometimes not even then) to see alice he has a flat in new york where funny enough he takes his misstresses there. However Alice is starts to not trust joe as much and suspects he is cheating but just doesn't want to believe it. but eventually having found some information by going through his computer she finds her suspicions very true indeed.I could not put this book down!!! loved every page of it. The characters were so real I felt like I was in the book with them (if you knew me this doesnt normally happen) I loved Alice she had some guts knowing he was cheating but just refusing to believe it and to change into some posh quewn for him whilst out with him to charity events im a total believer in be yourself dont impress other people so when joe was encouraging her to wear all this fancy stuff I really did begin to really hate him obviously I hated his before with all the infidelity. however all alice's and joe's friends were lovely :-). I loved the ending and I certainly didnt want it to stop I wanted it to carry on! It was such a well written book and one I couldn't put down. thats why im giving it a ***** star rating if I could give it 10 I would it was brilliant one of jane green's books I would highly recommend!
—Caz Lopez

I am being generous with my two stars....I like reading "not deep, kind of shallow" books once in a while. Some are funny, and helps you spend time reading without having to stop and analyses the book....that is why I read this book.... I must say that I'm I enjoyed a couple of pages, however it was a waits of my time. I have the habit of, no matter how bad it is, I must finish the book I started read. I think if a book is public shed it must have at least one page worth reading...well, this one has only a couple.In conclusion, If you have absolutely nothing else to read, you may read this one....
—Claudia Naranjo

After reading i was like WTF,making mockery of vows and friendshipthe wife Alice was blind to all the signs which keeps nagging the wife that something is fishy,she keeps herself busy by socializing and in their country house,the hubby Joe just can't seem to have control on his lust ,seemed to be any woman who walked by he wanted to have sex with her,he is addicted to sex and seemed to me he might have missed out some therapy sessions in teens that is why now at age 38 he needed counseling and therapy on how to control his sexual urgesInspite of going through the hurt and pain after being betrayed,Alice gives the same hurt and pain to her best friend Emily,i was like "HOW CAN SHE",she knew how deeply Emily's feelings were for Harry but still What really angered me was how each one of them got unscathed,they were making mockery of marriage vows and friendship,hurting people who really care and are there for them,mess up and complicate each other's life and walk out with no what so ever repent for their actions or apologize to the people who they hurtedat the end when Joe is thrown out he is in denial and he is sorry that he got caught he was expecting Alice to forgive him after all he is a red blooded male and she has forgiven him in the past(i skipped in between but one dialogue gave me this impression when he is thrown out)This was my first book by Jane Green and was so so disappointed,i even have Babyville hopefully it is a better book then this

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