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Family Pictures (2013)

Family Pictures (2013)

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0312591837 (ISBN13: 9780312591830)
St. Martin's Press

About book Family Pictures (2013)

Here's yet another book that I couldn't put down. Sure, parts of it were pretty predictable....two women living on opposite coasts, both with husbands who travel (on opposite coasts) for work a good bit each month and seem to go off the grid when they are away. I'll just leave it at that. Y'all are smart readers, so....yep. It's all the other parts of the story that kept me glued to the pages. What does a woman in her 40s do when she's devoted her life to being a wife & stay-at-home mother and suddenly she needs to figure out how to provide for her family? How does that woman keep her head up in the community when scandal hits home? What about those "friends" that seem to have turned on you? What happens to the children who have their own secrets when a family is ripped apart? Who do they trust? Also, how far back can we go to try to pinpoint when we took the wrong turn in life? Does our childhood have anything to do with our present circumstances? See? SO many questions to ponder while reading this one. Jane Green's "Family Pictures" touched on several of my own demons and hit close to home more than once. With so many characters involved, I absolutely LOVE how she completely answered ALL of my questions by the last page. The story is a wonderful read, reminding me that women can and should be strong & fiercely independent when put to the test! While I enjoy a book where each chapter is about a different character or from their viewpoint, this was a little confusing since the beginning characters are written in third person and later characters are written in first person. It makes me wonder why the author chose those particular characters for that treatment.On the whole, a good story. Some may find improbable, but then, life is improbable.An easy to read family drama.

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A lovely read, although you could guess where it was going the story still surprised.

Predictable but I loved the book.

too predictable, no surprises

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