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Wondrous Strange (2009)

Wondrous Strange (2009)

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This isn't really a review. Just some afterthoughts. I think what was missing for me was that I didn't feel attracted to Sonny. He was so vaguely described that I didn't have an accurate picture of him, and I felt that the name did not fit. I think my favorite thing about the story was the horse. I also liked the roommate. It says something that I read the whole thing. In this story Auberon is Winter's faerie king, but I normally associate him with summer. Mabh is fall in this story, but she is winter in all of the other series I've read. So, it's a bit of a curve ball in terms of mythology. I think that the book could have used more character descriptions. Without them, the characters seem a bit cookie-cutter cardboardish. I'm currently in the middle of reading this book, and I'm just pages away from the ending. I was drawn to this book from the start because I just like reading paranormal/fantasy books, and I heard that this book revolved around Faeries and all kinds of Fae. At first, as I began to read, I was so excited to keep reading because the storyline seemed so good. It consists of alternating points of view between 17-year-old, aspiring actress, Kelley, and Sonny who is a member of the Janus Guard. However, the more I read, I became increasingly confused with the plot. So many of the events are rushed through, just mentioned in passing before moving on to the next event. Sometimes I find that too much description can bore me when I'm reading, but this one just doesn't have enough. Even in the most important moments, things are just lightly brushed on. To top it all off, the dialogue is often dumbed down and states the obvious. Sometimes I get the feel that, since the book is about faeries, maybe it's more intended for children, but then I can't imagine how a child could understand the odd storyline since I'm having trouble keeping up. It's a good book with a good plotline, but I feel it could've used some work.

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Great Book. About a Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare. Awesome fanfiction

This is fun book. Perfect for the entire library.

Good way to pass the time :)

Typical. Ugh.


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