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Lampi Di Tenebre (2010)

Lampi di tenebre (2010)

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About book Lampi Di Tenebre (2010)

I'm giving this book three stars because it bored me enough to take me this long to finish it but it was exciting enough towards the end to make me give it a good enough review. I think the beginning was slow. But of course it was setting up what ever was happening to Sonny and Kelley. But as usual the huge and major action scene is the ending and then we're left with a cliff hanger. So not bad. I do want to finish the trilogy just because I've already read the other two. I like magic and all but maybe faeries just aren't my thing. So I'm just going to say it. This story pissed me off. It started out extremely slow and ended with a bunch of teenage angsty bullshit. There is nothing worse then having a Heroine and a Hero be dumb as rocks. The only thing remotely interesting in this book was finding out who Sonny's father was and what Sonny was, other then that the story bored me to tears and pissed me off in turn. Not general emotions one wants to have when reading.

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I gave 5 stars for Book 1 Wonderous Strange and this book was even better than the first!

I loved it and I really hope that sonny and Kelley get back together I love them (:

i can not do what kelley did. im to selfish. gotta start the third book now

very interesting,can't wait for the third book :D

I am really enjoy the series

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