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Tempestuous (2010)

Tempestuous (2010)

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0061740063 (ISBN13: 9780061740060)

About book Tempestuous (2010)

lesley livington wrote this book using her imagination to dicribe kelly's situation.Kelly is trying to find sonny.Sonny had been missing because kelly lied that she didn't love him.she only did that to protect sonny of something really bad and powerful that might kill him.But sonny doesn't belive her because fairies can't lie.kelly was able to lie because of her charm that she had to keep her she needed to fight to keep sonny safe and their love. This book reminds me of The Iron fey. And the kings and queen's name is so similar except that they change some letters around though it's still the same. I got this book from my school book club and thought it was the first book of the series but turns out it was the third book. So when I started reading it I was all confuse about what happen and when I got to the middle I was still kind of lost but made it through the end of the book. Phew!

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I just loved this series from beginning to end. Great characters, great story, and great ending.

wish it was a movie loved its a favorite for sure!

An amazing finale for all!

I really enjoyed it

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