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Los Cuatro Tronos (2010)

Los Cuatro Tronos (2010)

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I hate reading the same information twice, so being given a little of the background story from the first book randomly over the first couple of chapters rather a little abstract at the very beginning is slightly annoying. I enjoyed this book but there were some things that left me a little huffy and irritated. Oh and don't worry she'll tell you after the fact in the next paragraph how Kelley got passed the ogre, that was commanded not to let her leave without Tyff... ugh. Faerie can't lie.. And that's really sad when you wouldn't want to hear what they have to say..The truth really hurts most of the time and there are those who manipulate it, whether for the better or for the worst. It's sad to think about the things we are willing to risk for the people we love. This story is full of intense, mysterious, surprising and unexpected events. Having a fresh and unprecedented storyline that makes you ask for more. So full of revelations that took me aback and that still puzzles my mind until now. My fascination for faerie stories started with Wondrous Strange and with Darklight, it makes me love faerie stories even more.Kelley and Sonny though.. =(

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The family ties were so wonderfully confusing! So many interesting twist and turns. Loved it.

Enjoyed this as much as the first. Includes fae that I hadn't heard of. Fun.

maybe 3.2 stars, this one. review on the whole series is coming up!

Really cool

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