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La Novena Noche (2009)

La Novena Noche (2009)

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About book La Novena Noche (2009)

I decided to read this book because the storyline reminded me of the Iron Fey series which I absolutely adore. While the idea of this book is really good, I personally thought the writing wasn't the best and it unfortunately took away from what could have been a really good story. It had a lot of great folklore and fantasy elements that I thought were lost in the bad/confusing writing. It resulted in the book being really predictable and cliché. I also thought there was a major overuse of italics, it seemed as though each time a character spoke italics were used to emphasize some word or another. (that's just a picky thing but it became very distracting) It's a quick, easy read and if you're looking for a stereotypical fantasy YA novel, then you'll probably like this book. Read this book in roughly two days and really enjoyed it. Thought the mythology was interesting and solid and I am curious in how it all works out for our somewhat ill-fated love birds Sonny and Kelley. While the relationship end is definitely young adult (G-rated for sure) the author keeps the paranormal facts at a pretty high level. Her love of Shakespeare is also obviously evident and can add to the allure of the story if you're a fan. In general a good read.

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Did not expect the twist at the end!! Very well written! Oh faeries just can't be trusted :)

Wondrously Magical! Mix in Shakespeare and you get a delightful fun easy read.

It is similar to all others in the genre yet somehow manages to be different.

The beginning was good, but then I found the novel got worse as it progressed

One of my favorite books ever! The whole series is great.

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