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Series: Wondrous Strange

by Author Lesley Livingston


La Novena Noche (2009)

I decided to read this book because the storyline reminded me of the Iron Fey series which I absolutely adore. While the idea of this book is really good, I personally thought the writing wasn't the best and it unfortunately took away from what could have been a really good story. It had a lot of...

La Novena Noche (2009) by Lesley Livingston

La Última Función (2011)

If you love fairies, then this series is for you!! Well written and makes you want more!! Loved this book so much. I could have used more romance, but still it was very enchanting.

La Última Función (2011) by Lesley Livingston

Tempestuous (2010)

lesley livington wrote this book using her imagination to dicribe kelly's situation.Kelly is trying to find sonny.Sonny had been missing because kelly lied that she didn't love him.she only did that to protect sonny of something really bad and powerful that might kill him.But sonny doesn't belive...

Tempestuous (2010) by Lesley Livingston

Lampi di tenebre (2010)

I'm giving this book three stars because it bored me enough to take me this long to finish it but it was exciting enough towards the end to make me give it a good enough review. I think the beginning was slow. But of course it was setting up what ever was happening to Sonny and Kelley. But as usu...

Lampi di tenebre (2010) by Lesley Livingston

Los Cuatro Tronos (2010)

I hate reading the same information twice, so being given a little of the background story from the first book randomly over the first couple of chapters rather a little abstract at the very beginning is slightly annoying. I enjoyed this book but there were some things that left me a little huffy...

Los Cuatro Tronos (2010) by Lesley Livingston

Wondrous Strange (2009)

This isn't really a review. Just some afterthoughts. I think what was missing for me was that I didn't feel attracted to Sonny. He was so vaguely described that I didn't have an accurate picture of him, and I felt that the name did not fit. I think my favorite thing about the story was the hors...

Wondrous Strange (2009) by Lesley Livingston