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With All My Soul (2013)

With All My Soul (2013)

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0373210663 (ISBN13: 9780373210664)
Harlequin Teen

About book With All My Soul (2013)

Raro que un final de saga tenga un 5 , pero me encantó que la protagonista sea quien por sí misma haya salvado la situación. Kaylee creció mucho como personaje y no tuvo que depender de un hombre para poder sacar su fuerza interior o tener que ser salvada por él. Me llevo una grata sorpresa con esta saga, no había escuchado hablar de ella, pero en cuanto la comencé a leer, no pude parar ¿se notó?.Definitivamente me la compraré completa :) Love Love Love!I was tearing up and my husband was wondering WTF was going on in my book that made me cry! lol! Such a sweetie! Oh the last 1/4 of the book absolutely decimated me. The sorrow! The heartache! The evil! The love! All there and ripe for the reading.So YOU! Yes you! pick up this series! The first couple books a so-so, but once you are past them, you will fall in love with the world and the characters!Dooo it! Doooo it!

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I really loved the ending of this book .... it's worth reading the whole series !!!

aawww, everything's right in the end... might do a review later :)

It was truly heart-breaking and know I get the golden dress. :,)

OMG an amazing end to an amazing book love Kaylee and tod

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