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My Soul To Steal (2011)

My Soul to Steal (2011)

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0373210272 (ISBN13: 9780373210275)

About book My Soul To Steal (2011)

This was my least favorite book so far, yet it's still very good and a quick, read that keeps the reader's attention and interest. Kaylee is so annoying, frustrating, and needy, yet she's also so relatable due to her neediness, envy, and irrational thoughts/actions. She displays the part of many of us, I think, that we can recognize, yet would prefer to not admit exists.I also really liked the true friendship with Emma, who was the person Kaylee couldn't leave behind when given the choice between her and Nash. She can't seem to admit that she doesn't need Nash, but can't help but admit that she needs her best friend. Okay I am disappointed that she ends up starting to get back together with nash in the end. I really thought after they would see how both nash and sabine really needed each other and after being told by several people on how she was the only thing keeping them apart I figured that Kaylee would step back and let them hae one another and just look for love else where. I mean what Nash did in book 3 really did ruin their relationship and without trust you really can not have a health relationship period! I get that she is a teenager but IDK I kind of think Tod was onto something, though now idk what is up with him, I feel like he is actually falling for Kaylee and was trying to push her to leave nash so he could try to go after her after a while, but how would that work? She knows that he is dead and even if he would last her life time, they would never be able to have a family if they ever wanted and he would not age while though she would slowly she still would. I get that Sabine needs Nash in more of a obsessive way which is not healthy either, so really they are not good for one another but I was still shocked to see at the end of the book she agreed to go on a date with him. Honestly I was hoping she would give Alec a shot but him being possessed and the possee trying to almost rap her, even though it was not Alec it was still Alec body and that cant be erased so, yea I see why that could never happen, but still made me sad. I thought he would be a good alternative for her aside from Nash ol

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Dont think the author can take the true love I have for her and her books!!!!!!!!


Finished in 12 hours. Damn that insomnia

i like it !!!!


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