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My Soul To Keep (2010)

My Soul to Keep (2010)

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0373210051 (ISBN13: 9780373210053)
Harlequin Teen

About book My Soul To Keep (2010)

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEADNumero Uno! What the actual Hell was Nash thinking? I mean, really?! Really?!! You know how dangerous this stuff is! You know what it can do to you! You are seeing what it is doing to your friends…as you use it! You, my dear bean sidhe, are an idiot of Netherworld proportions. IDIOT! Why on earth would Kaylee forgive you? You used her! You let a hellion use her body to sell you Netherdrugs. What is wrong with you???? And then you want forgiveness. She had better not. She really better not. She needs to ride off into the sunset with Tod and be done with you! How could you violate her like that? Tod should kick your ass from this world to the Netherworld and back! Asshole!Now that that’s done, Kaylee, what were you thinking? Why would you wait so long to involve Harmony and Brenden and Aiden in this? Seriously. Emma called you on it. Nash was never perfect. Of course, who would have thought he would go over the deep end and decide to take Netherdrugs? Not me. Still, you should have at least given them to Tod at the first sight of Nash’s use, and there were clues, Kaylee. The story itself wasn’t as suspenseful as the previous two and I think that has something to do with the lack of urgency, at least up until the very end. There were limited people using the Demon’s Breath, so for the time, even if Kaylee couldn’t come to the rescue, it was still only two people, which is sad, but not tragic. I would’ve liked the story more if we’d known all along that Avari was planning to open a giant portal to Hell through the school doors. At least then I would have cared. Personally, the lives of Scott and Doug just didn’t matter to me. As usual, this story was character driven. I cared about what happened to Nash and Tod and Kaylee and Tod and Emma but mostly Tod, and I cared about their outcomes. I want my Taylee ship to sail so badly. They are so close. It has to happen. Okay. If I thought Kaylee was oblivious and naive before......Damn. Damn. DAAAAAMN. Kaylee doesn't take any more bean sidhe lessons lately. Well that is what it tells me in the book. She wants Nash to be perfect, "to break the mold". Well I thought that in this book, the truth smacked the bejeezus out of her. Nash got addicted to Demon's Breath from when Addy's breath popped in his face from the balloon. He lied to Kaylee and everyone. He tried to Influence her into having sex with him and he was a major jackass for getting impatient and being a jerk to her when she wasn't ready. KAYLEE!!!! My gosh... HOW did she not notice??? I caught on early on. In one scene, Kaylee woke up Nash from his bed and his fingers were freezing. Kaylee. He was in bed all warm. HOW ARE HIS FINGERS FREEZING???? And his kisses were described as pepperminty. Of course the gum is to hide that nasty stench of Demon's Breath. AND AVARI???? He possessed Kaylee and he took her free will and let Nash do with Kaylee what he wanted. I think that is defined as rape. She wasn't even there for it and she didn't give consent. Of course she wouldn't give him a second chance so quickly! Nash has sunk loooow. He made out with Avari in person and through Kaylee. That's wrong. Sophie is still a b****. Uncle Brendon is heard more from... but not that much. Poor Harmony. Her eldest son is dead and a reaper and her other son is a jackass addicted to Demon's Breath. He loved that stuff over Kaylee! He said he couldn't help it. OH YES HE COULD!!!!! He didn't want to and he let Kaylee be possessed. He should've told her and he let her suffer the death dreams without cluing her in that the reason she had those was because of that damned hellion. TOD! Okay so he is a nice guy in this book. He's still witty but you get to see a side of him that's different. He would do anything for Addy and did. How nice. Kaylee said that she was grateful that he showed her that a man would do anything for the woman he loved to protect her. Tod cares about Kaylee.... Do I see a connection coming??? I hope so and Tod can't see Addy anymore so... That sucks yeah but Kaylee needs someone who isn't a total douche. I've read the summary for the next book.... COME ON!!!!!!!! Seriously? Sabine? What the hell? Kaylee gets jealous? That book will be a doozy. I think Kaylee gets wiser with each book. She IS predictable but I wonder if she'll mature even more in the next books. This book was pretty good. Went by fast and Kaylee is getting more clever. And she FINALLY broke up with Nash. I knew all along he'd mess up. If she gets back together with him....No. cannot even consider that.

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3.5 stars


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