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Series: Soul Screamers

by Author Rachel Vincent


La rose et l'ombre (2011)

This books are all so amazing!! SUch a fantastic series Not the best one in the series - it felt a little rushed at the end.

La rose et l'ombre (2011) by Rachel Vincent

Schütze meine Seele (2013)

Please read these books in order or you will get lost. Getting lower and lower. I'm just not down with the weird love rectangle.

Schütze meine Seele (2013) by Rachel Vincent

Berühre meine Seele (2013)

Easily my favorite book in the series and the best of it too. This one was really good! OMG yea!!! OMG loved it

Berühre meine Seele (2013) by Rachel Vincent

With All My Soul (2013)

Raro que un final de saga tenga un 5 , pero me encantó que la protagonista sea quien por sí misma haya salvado la situación. Kaylee creció mucho como personaje y no tuvo que depender de un hombre para poder sacar su fuerza interior o tener que ser salvada por él. Me llevo una grata sorpresa con e...

With All My Soul (2013) by Rachel Vincent

If I Die (2011)

I read book .5 and 1 in this series and wasn't impressed. I don't know why, but the idea of banshees just didn't click with me. Plus, there were some major holes in the plot. I know this is paranormal young adult fiction, but it should make sense, right? So, I didn't read anymore. One day I ...

If I Die (2011) by Rachel Vincent

My Soul to Steal (2011)

This was my least favorite book so far, yet it's still very good and a quick, read that keeps the reader's attention and interest. Kaylee is so annoying, frustrating, and needy, yet she's also so relatable due to her neediness, envy, and irrational thoughts/actions. She displays the part of many ...

My Soul to Steal (2011) by Rachel Vincent

My Soul to Keep (2010)

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEADNumero Uno! What the actual Hell was Nash thinking? I mean, really?! Really?!! You know how dangerous this stuff is! You know what it can do to you! You are seeing what it is doing to your friends…as you use it! You, my dear bean sidhe, are an idiot of Netherworld proportio...

My Soul to Keep (2010) by Rachel Vincent

Halte Meine Seele (2012)

"Soul Screamers" is a series I have liked very much since I read the first book "My soul to take".The second book, which I highly anticipated, I really liked too.The third one... well, continue reading.I had some problems with this book.Be warned: SPOILERS AHEAD.Im sorry to say that Kaylee became...

Halte Meine Seele (2012) by Rachel Vincent

My Soul to Save (2009)

4.5 Stars - not as good as book 1, but still good.In this next installment of the "Soul Screamers" series, we get a peek into Tod's past as our mythical trio attempt to save his ex-girlfriend's soul....literally. This book had many of the elements from the previous book: action, suspense, drama, ...

My Soul to Save (2009) by Rachel Vincent

Rette meine Seele (2012)

Avec un univers original et un début de série sympathique qui prend son temps pour bien nous immerger comme il le faut, j’attendais énormément de la suite. Après lecture, ce second opus est dans la lignée du précédent, reprenant tous les codes que l’on connait déjà mais en les approfondissant pou...

Rette meine Seele (2012) by Rachel Vincent