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Halte Meine Seele (2012)

Halte Meine Seele (2012)

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About book Halte Meine Seele (2012)

"Soul Screamers" is a series I have liked very much since I read the first book "My soul to take".The second book, which I highly anticipated, I really liked too.The third one... well, continue reading.I had some problems with this book.Be warned: SPOILERS AHEAD.Im sorry to say that Kaylee became extremely annoying. She repeats herself over, and over, and over. I can't count how many "and suddenly, a realization hit me", "a sudden wave of intuition rolled over me" or "suddenly a devastating new understanding crashed over me" there are in the book, because Kaylee is CONSTANTLY having realizations. Normally, I would have already had them 40 or 50 pages before, so it didn't come as a shock to me as they did Kaylee who "was crashed by this realization".I also wanted a little romance in this book since there isn't a lot in the first two (just enough for you to like the couple). I really sympathized with Nash and Kaylee on both first books, and wanted to see their relationship grow in this one.During the first quarter of the book I thought Kaylee had become an obnoxious, annoying girl who couldn't stop thinking about the Netherworld. I know she is a banshee and everything but she could relax a bit, stop bickering and spend a good time with her boyfriend and friends. I needed for her mind to stop reeling and repeating the same things over and over. I mean, Nash would be hugging her, or trying to kiss her, and she wouldn't want him to because she was very busy thinking about demon`s breath AGAIN, and coming to the same conclusion she had come to 5 minutes before. My advice would be: Shut up for once and kiss your boyfriend, please.These pages also ruined the relationship a little bit for me too: I started to truly think that the only reason why Nash was with Kaylee was because she was a banshee like him. I mean, how else could he stand her?? He is a gorgeous-looking teenager, a good person, popular, sportive: why on earth would he be with this girl who doesn't STOP talking about the same thing over and over, obviously doesn't pay much attention to him, and doesn't even want to do more than just kiss??? She is ANNOYING. I think he could have been able to stand that if he had even been in love with her, but for the romance we get in the first two books, I didn't feel they were really, truly, completely in love. And they are teenagers for god`s sakes. I know they have lived through many intense things together and that has bonded them, and that is why I always knew they would end up together. But right now, I thought Nash should have had a serious talk with Kaylee telling her to RELAX because she was becoming unstandable.In the second quarter of the book I already knew that Nash was on Demon`s Breath. I don't think I was very intuitive, I think it was pretty obvious, really. I thought about the possibility when I noticed his mood swings and the Influencing part, but I definitely started to suspect when he said he would give the balloon to Tod. I decided my suspicion was correct when I entered the second quarter of the book. It was pretty clear at this point. Here, I realized why he was letting Kay be very nervous: he didn't want her to notice him since he was becoming a demon`s breath-addict.And, after 156 pages of Kaylee`s on and on rambling about the Netherworld and Demon`s Breath, we enter the third quarter of the book in which Kaylee realizes everything we had already realized some chapters ago. FINALLY. We should be shocked by her sudden revelations but........Uuuhhh.........nop.Kaylee confronts Nash and asks him for information about his addiction and about how he got the frost (Demon`s Breath`s other name) in the first place. She is very disappointed in him and he is very desperate. After leaving Nash on his own, Kaylee finds Doug half dead on the sidewalk next to her car. He had taken Nash`s more-concentrated frost. We can find in this scene the, now common, urge to scream, Nash saving Kay from inhaling the Demon`s Breath, the wail, and her going away to Emma`s house with Emma. During their sleepover, Emma is possessed by a Netherworld human (yes, a human who is currently trapped in the Netherworld) who tells our heroine that Nash had been kidnapped by a hellion (Avari, of course) and that she should come to the Netherworld tomorrow to save Nash and himself from Avari. She tells him to come back in 2 hours to Emma`s body (despite the fact that she was letting him do this while very mad at Nash for letting Avari posses her). Not knowing what to do, Kay goes to the hospital to see Tod and tells him EVERYTHING. We then discover what role Tod had in all this drama and Addison reappears in the story as Tod`s motivation to do what he did. They go back to Emma`s, and the human possesses her again. He tells Kay that there is going to be a party tomorrow in the Netherworld and that they should use the distraction of the party to save Nash and himself. Suddenly though, the human and Kaylee`s chat is interrupted by Avari, who shoves the human out of Emma`s body and enters himself to have a word with Kay. They talk, and she has new realizations (yep, Kay is again bombarded with "understandings"). After all this, Avari kidnaps Kaylee's father, so she has to save three people instead of two while in the Netherworld. She goes to her uncle Brendon`s house and tells him EVERYTHING. After making him promise that he is going to sit still for at least 1 hour before he tells Harmony and goes into the Netherworld to help Kay save Nash, her father and the human, she leaves and goes to the school`s Winter Carnival. This is the place in which the party at the Netherworld is going to be held. Oh, during all this, Kay is sleep deprived because if she sleeps, she is going to have a nightmare (which is really a premonition) about someone (she can't see clearly who) who dies. This causes her to scream, and travel to the Netherworld without intending to.Ok, after this summary I have to say: what?? Wow!! We go from "Nothing is really happening" during the first half of the book to "A bombing of events" which is the third quarter of the book. I started enjoying the novel when things started to actually happen, although I would have liked them to start happening before.And, the two times I said "EVERYTHING" in that huge paragraph above I meant the author wrote everything of what was going on. Imagine reading the whole summary paragraph over and over and over in the book as Kaylee`s thoughts or Kaylee saying this to different people. I wanted to tell Rachel: "Yes, I know what is happening, I`m reading it. STOP TELLING ME please".And finally, we arrive to the fourth quarter of the novel which redeems the whole book for me. I LOVED it. Rachel really knows how to write big epic finales. She has done so in all her "Soul Screamers" books. Kaylee starts acting, and stops thinking which was a huge relief for me. Addison comes back into the action and is the one who saves them in the end. I have always loved her character, and really hope she gets a good ending. I liked the ending with Nash and Kaylee, I really did. I think she had her head and her heart in the right place there. I don't why, but even after all this, I don't hate Nash. I'm pissed at him, but know he will come back and be the old Nash again: the only difference being his emotional scars (which I hope leave him a lesson).So, in the end, I say the third book isn't so bad, although it was the worst of the three. I hope Rachel continues with Soul Screamers and develops Kaylee`s character a bit more on the fourth book which I'm going to read. Although, if the fourth book is as the first half of this one, then I think I'm going to stop with the series. But, thankfully, I trust Rachel`s endings. I know, even if the first part of the novel is slow, the ending is going to be really great. I just hope she would start the real story before the half of the book.Hope to have helped you; I would love for you to comment. Bye! Have just finished reading and I'm struggling to assemble my thoughts together.All I can think of right now is Nash and how much I want to strangle him for being such a selfish uncaring idiot. As much as I liked him in the first two books, I definitely think Kaylee made the right decision at the end of the book.Also as much as Tod irritated me in the first 2 books, I have to admit that he's definitely growing on me. Am so very glad he punched Nash as someone definitely had to!

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Starting to dislike Nash.............. damn. Still madly in love with the story though.

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