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My Soul To Save (2009)

My Soul to Save (2009)

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0373210043 (ISBN13: 9780373210046)
Harlequin Teen

About book My Soul To Save (2009)

4.5 Stars - not as good as book 1, but still good.In this next installment of the "Soul Screamers" series, we get a peek into Tod's past as our mythical trio attempt to save his ex-girlfriend's soul....literally. This book had many of the elements from the previous book: action, suspense, drama, lust/love, but it also contained some very undisguised social commentary. We learn a lot more about the folklore as Kaylee works with Harmony to develop and control her skills and we are introduced to a very old reaper (and superhero of Tod's). There are actual trips to the Netherworld this time too, so we get a lot more than a peek into that. Why did I knock it down a half star? The story suffered slightly with dragging a few parts out too much, but other than that, I was quite pleased. i wondered if i had picked the correct sequel to what i read before...i couldnt comprehend though, it was worlds apart...i find myself longing,wanting and feverishly forcing myself to like how the story had progress... blip! ugh, why?! what happened? i still finished it though, hoping that my 10 stars on book 1 is not a fluke...but then i just had to concede to defeat and disappointment...the character of kaylee felt too selfless to the point of idiocity. her superhero/savior persona doesnt make sense anymore...too many conflicts...too shallow take on the development of the relationship bet kay and nash.... ugh....i wasnt even supposed to give it a 2..,but wt heck... iam heartbroken...:-[

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this was tougher to get through than the first one.. I wish I could say I enjoyed it more.

another quick read/listen but still well written and worth the time.

Loved the book! So good !

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