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Twilight's Child (1992)

Twilight's Child (1992)

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It must be nice being Andrew Neiderman. He gets to write crap books and V.C Andrews still gets the blame.I've read my fair share of trashy books. I've read more "historical" romance and Harlequin presents than I care to admit, but V.C Andrews is a new low for me. I figure, now that I've hit rock bottom I might as well enjoy this trashy goodness.This is the first book I’ve read under the V.C Andrews name and unfortunately won’t be the last. I admit I’m a glutton for punishment. *SPOILER WARNINGTwilights Child begins where the last book left off. Starting in the middle of the series was a bit daunting, but the author does a decent job of catching you up on all the latest consensual incest and teen pregnancy. Dawn and Jimmy arrange to find out what happened to Dawn's daughter Christie, who was given up for adoption by the evil Grandma Cutler. Thanks to the hotel lawyer, Dawn and Jimmy quickly get Christie back, as the adoption process was not legal. Dawn is capable of running a hotel and raising a child, despite lack of any business experience and the fact that she doesn’t even know what a mortgage is. Meanwhile, Dawn’s Stepfather/half brother(?) Randolph, is wandering around and talking to his dead mother. Dawn inquires about this to her mother who replies with “Oh that? yeah, he’ll get over it.”.Dawn and Jimmy finally marry so they can hurry up and make a fetus of their own, and everyone is frantically preparing for the wedding. Dawn’s mother is hysterical, her brother Phillip is being super creepy and other insanity ensues. Phillip explains to Dawn that he hopes they can forget what happened between them. Dawn agrees. After all, It’s not like he raped her or anything... Oh wait-Later in the book when he tries raping her again, she tells him never to show up without an “invitation”. So if he tries to rape her again, its cool as long as he’s got an invitation.Soon after Dawn discovers she is prego with Jimmy’s baby. This is short lived however when her angry sister Clara Sue full on kicks dawn in the stomach killing her baby! I shouldn’t have been laughing at this, but I couldn’t help it! Not only that, but she DOES NOT press charges against baby murdering sister. These are just a few of the nonsensical moments from this bizarre novel. I was hoping I would dislike this enough to stop with this book, but this didn’t really rap up anything and there are too many loose ends to leave Midnight Whispers unread. Hopefully its as entertaining as this installment was.

No puedo decir que el libro me haya gustado del todo, así que le doy dos estrellas, que es el equivalente a "it was okay". Ni bien ni rematadamente mal. Okay.Igual lo que voy a decir no tiene sentido porque no he llegado a leer nada de VC Andrews, pero se nota mucho que esta serie de libros ha sido escrita por un escritor fantasma. VC Andrews tiene cierta fama de escribir unos libros súper geniales y éste ha sido como un culebrón malo de sobremesa: en serio, hay demasiadas cosas extrañas en esta familia y ha llegado un punto en que ciertas revelaciones me daban risa de lo absurdo que era. En plan "La despechada" de Aquí no hay quien viva.Pero engancha. Como los culebrones. Así que no voy a tardar en pasar al Kindle el siguiente.Y, señores que escribís las sinopsis de estos libros: hijos de p***. Hacéis referencias a cosas que no ocurren hasta muy avanzado el libro, una de ella en concreto no sucede hasta que llevaba ya el 84% de la novela leída, así que la sorpresa al cuerno. Spoileadores.

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After the bombshell dropped in 'Secrets of the Morning' and all the stuff that Dawn had to go through, it seems that now, finally, she has a place of her own (even if it wasn't the one she had planned for herself) After her trials and tribulations, it seems to us that things should be okay now... right? Right???Of course not. While she is able to gain some happiness for herself, she still has people to contend with, namely Clara Sue. And what's that? Uh oh, Phillip still hasn't gotten over her...This book is a worthy continuation of Dawn's story, and the ending does bring some satisfaction. Overall, 4.5 out of five for a good read.
—Delicious Strawberry

Summary: Dawn and Jimmy learn that Grandmother Cutler found some rich people she knew to secretly adopt Dawn's baby. She forged Dawn's signature on the papers and tried to do the same thing she did with Dawn.They have a meeting with the people and their lawyers, a Judge and the people decide to give CHristie back without a fight once they realize it was a mistake. THey move back to the Hotel and Jimmy asks Dawn to marry him. She accepts and then Jimmy leaves for one last thing in the Army and th

Dawn, Dawn, Dawn. How I love your rags-to-riches-complete-with-incest tale. This one definitely doesn't disappoint! Dawn has now taken Evil Dead Grandmother Cutler's place as head of the hotel, is married to the guy who she used to think was her brother, and has her baby that she had with her music teacher. But that's only the boring parts! Her half-brother/guy she used to think was her father goes crazy and dies on her wedding night of a broken heart (?), her half-brother-half-nephew is best man and pretends he's the one marrying this beauty. It's just how everyone remembers their wedding day. Isn't it? Anyway, Dawn is beautiful and brilliant and makes the stupid hotel better than ever. Her half-sister-half-niece becomes a trashy ho and actually is only her half-sister because her mom had an affair with some dashing rich dude who she marries like 5 minutes after her husband dies. God, this book is confusing.Dawn's music teacher returns, is a gross broke drunk who tries to blackmail her - but of course Dawn outsmarts him, as she is the most beautiful, brilliant woman ever. Dawn's half-sister dies immediately following this, giving Dawn a convenient reason to not tell her husband that she was meeting her daughter's father in secret...Whoops! But what really happens in this book? Is Dawn only the most beautiful woman ever, as she seems? Is she constantly almost getting molested and/or sexually harassed by her half-brother-half-nephew? Is she making a bazillion dollars and have the most beautiful voice ever? The answer, of course, is yes.

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