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Secrets Of The Morning (1991)

Secrets of the Morning (1991)

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About book Secrets Of The Morning (1991)

A classic and fucked up sequel to the first novel in the Cutler series. It was far better written, it was actually a solid effort from the Ghostwriter this time and it had a V.C Andrews vintage feel to it. Looks like he finally learned to use her techniques although it clearly didn't last for long. It was nice to see Dawn have a female friend, heroines with girlfriends seem to lack in the early V.C Andrews book and a friendship to me is very important to have, someone you can confide in when your family aren't the best to talk to at a certain time. All I can say is that Dawn was so idiotic in this book and I wanted to bash her head against a wall most of the time. It's not possible for someone to be so oblivious and self involved at seventeen is it? She needed to get a grip. To sum this fucked up shit nicely, Crybaby Dawn is sent to a Performing Arts school in New York City, starts an affair with her music teacher, Michael Sutton, until he leaves her pregnant and abandons her. He coaxes her with a bunch of lies, saying that they'll be so successful together and start planning a life out. He was using her innocence as a drive to manipulate and simply be a perverted psycho. Sigh. Grandma Cutler sends her packing until she has her child for bringing shame onto the family, and she is forced to live with Grandma's cruel family in a place called The Meadows. She endures some abuse and torture, and she complained, whines and moans because she had to scrub a floor, she believed because of her condition that it was unfair treatment. Honey, you're carrying a baby, not infected. But after sleeping with Michael, I'm not sure about that. Anyway she births Michael's child until one of the cruel sister's takes the baby away and Dawn has to try and hunt the baby down. Jimmy comes to rescue her and they embark on a journey to find the child and live happily ever after. They both return to Cutler's Cove realises Grandma Cutler died and a will is read, opening up many shocking family secrets. The book ends with Jimmy and Dawn on their way to find Dawn's child. Will I be reading the rest of this series? No. I read up the remaining three books on wiki and the whole thing has left me scarred, lol. (: But it was a decent sequel at least.

The second book in the Cutler series. Not better than the first, and Dawn is even more unbelievable in this one than the last. So, she finally made it to a school for performing arts (Thank you, Grandmother Cutler) and things start off really slow with the reader being tortured by her house mother Agnes' over the top behavior. Dawn soon meets a broadway singer, drops her panties for him quickly (Have poor Jimmy even gotten to second base by now?) and big surprise, finds out she's pregnant. Michael makes promises to her and she naively believes him. Grandmother Cutler ships her off to the Meadows, and introduces Dawn to the true meaning of Hell by living with her sister, Emily. (Never mind the fact that Dawn could have ran away or something, or even...(gasp)gotten a job to support herself. Then, Jimmy finds out, becomes pissed for like two minutes, and then tells Dawn it's okay, he'll be the father to her baby. This is why I never liked Jimmy: no personality, weak, and boring. Dawn inherits the hotel (Like we really believe a man would give a daughter controlling interest rather than his son). But, because Dawn is trying to show that you don't have to finish high school to succeed, she becomes the owner of Cutler Cove.

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This book is part of the Cutler series. Dawn Cutler is sent to school in New York and the question is will Dawn find happiness there. Being a V.C. Andrews book, you know the answer is no. If you have read V.C. Andrews before, you know where the plot is heading in this book. It was a decent read with plenty of melodrama. I cared about what was going on in the main character's life and at times I wanted to scream not to be so naive. I would have rated this higher but I thought the ending was a little too convenient and it came out of nowhere. I will continue to read the series and looking forward to how Dawn handles her new life.
—Jim C

I am not liking this book. The first in the series, "Dawn," was so much better. This one makes me kinda sick. Dawn is sent to a school for the arts in New York. She makes one really good friend, Trisha, who is about the nicest thing about this book. Dawn becomes extremely naive and is seduced by her singing teacher, the famous Michael Sutton. She is supposed to be Jimmy's girlfriend, (he's now in the army and has been shipped to London). However, she does repeatedly sleep w/ Michael and becomes
—Kim Smiley

The second of the Cutler series where Dawn started, her new life in New York, to pursue her singing career. She meets her new best friend Trisha, and Michael Sutton, her handsome music teacher. She lives in a house with a dramatic Agnes, (who her Grandmother has control over). She becomes pregnant and is shipped off to her Grandmother Cutler's sister who takes care of her while she is waiting to give birth but is cruel and works her hard. Finally she gives birth to a premature baby girl who is taken away.

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