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Series: Cutler

by Author V.C. Andrews


Secrets of the Morning (1991)

A classic and fucked up sequel to the first novel in the Cutler series. It was far better written, it was actually a solid effort from the Ghostwriter this time and it had a V.C Andrews vintage feel to it. Looks like he finally learned to use her techniques although it clearly didn't last for lon...

Secrets of the Morning (1991) by V.C. Andrews

Midnight Whispers (1992)

Midnight Whispers isn't a bad book, but it isn't the best in the Cutler series either. In this volume, the perspective changes from Dawn to her daughter Christie who is now sixteen years old. The rest of the Cutler gang are back (sans Grandmother Cutler, Clara Sue and Randolph,) and are in fine f...

Midnight Whispers (1992) by V.C. Andrews

Twilight's Child (1992)

It must be nice being Andrew Neiderman. He gets to write crap books and V.C Andrews still gets the blame.I've read my fair share of trashy books. I've read more "historical" romance and Harlequin presents than I care to admit, but V.C Andrews is a new low for me. I figure, now that I've hit rock ...

Twilight's Child (1992) by V.C. Andrews

Darkest Hour (1993)

The author's purpose in writing the book is to entertain but also to somehow inform the readers. In the book Darkest Hour, the author shows the life of a wealthy family and how they lived their lives each day. The book mostly talks about the life of one of the family members, Lillian. Lillian is ...

Darkest Hour (1993) by V.C. Andrews