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V.C. Andrews

V.C. Andrews
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Books by V.C. Andrews


Daughter of Darkness (2010)

I can't believe how much I disliked this book. I've read every one of V.C. Andrews books, even the ones after her death... but I'm just now trying to read the last few years worth (perhaps 10ish- it's been a while) of new ones and I don't understand why they're trying to publish them under Andrew...

Daughter of Darkness (2010) by V.C. Andrews

If There Be Thorns / Seeds of Yesterday (2010)

So I picked up this book because I was looking for a book that would last me awhile, ( I usually finish other books within a day or two) At first I was a little disturbed at the book, but when everything rolled together in the end and started to make sense, it all became very real for me. In fact...

If There Be Thorns / Seeds of Yesterday (2010) by V.C. Andrews

Christopher's Diary: Secrets of Foxworth (2014)

I don't really get this story...First let me admit I just read Flowers in the Attic (I know, I know but I can't believe they actually let kids read this). Second, I glanced at some reviews for this book so that may have skewed me a tiny bit.Okay...shouldn't Christopher's diary be mainly about him...

Christopher's Diary: Secrets of Foxworth (2014) by V.C. Andrews

Eye of the Storm (2000)

I don't know why I expected these to be any good. The series gets so progressively racist and ableist with both physical and mental disabilities that I wonder if it's even worth putting the effort into the next one, which is blessedly the last one. I'm going to read the Flowers in the Attic serie...

Eye of the Storm (2000) by V.C. Andrews

Girl in the Shadows (2006)

This has to stop, seriously. When Neiderman first ghostwrote for VCA, he did a decent job. I liked the Cutler series, and he did a good job of finishing up the books that VCA had started but didn't finish for the Dollanganger and Casteel series. The Landry and Logan series, while not the best, we...

Girl in the Shadows (2006) by V.C. Andrews

Broken Flower (2006)

I have been reading V.C Andrews for over 20 years. In fact, my first "adult" book I picked out when I was 11 years old was V.C Andrews' book Heaven, the first in the Casteel series. So, needless to say, my expectations were high, and my hopes were even higher. Jordan March is your typical 6 year ...

Broken Flower (2006) by V.C. Andrews

Wicked Forest (2002)

This series in general, but this book specifically, is garbage. Seduce- 1. attract someone to a belief or into a course of action that is inadvisable or foolhardy. 2. Entice into sexual activityRape- Any act of sexual intercourse that is FORCED upon a personDo you see the difference? Apparently t...

Wicked Forest (2002) by V.C. Andrews

The End of the Rainbow (2001)

The back of the book was really misleading...and I kept waiting for Rain to croak and die because thats what happens in a lot of Andrews' novels, but nope. Rain doesnt die. Instead of being about the Hudson family secrets, the book just focused on Harleys family secrets...and it was just plain we...

The End of the Rainbow (2001) by V.C. Andrews

Seeds of Yesterday (1990)

(Full review here: )Wow.  Almost done with the Dollangangers, thank goodness.  Only two books left to cover in this series, and this one is probably going to be the most difficult to write about.  Why difficult?  Because it sucked.  Seriously.  This book was terrible.  Com...

Seeds of Yesterday (1990) by V.C. Andrews

Garden of Shadows (1990)

(Full Review and more on Trashy Tuesday here: )At last, we've arrived at the final installment in the Dollanganger series!  I was talking to Becoming Cliche over chat the other day about how thrilled I was to be able to stop reading VC Andrews, and she said something to th...

Garden of Shadows (1990) by V.C. Andrews

Hidden Jewel (1995)

The first three books took us on a journey of Ruby Landry Dumas Tate Andreas's life. This is finally the first book that was not from Ruby's point of view, but the one of her daughter, Pearl.Pearl was 18 years ago, has recently graduated from high school, and had twin brothers who were twelve yea...

Hidden Jewel (1995) by V.C. Andrews

Pearl in the Mist (1994)

Considering the amount of good gris-gris Ruby had about her, it didn't do much good. I liked that she kept her faith in it all despite NOTHING going right for her. Way to many black cats being killed for their bones for my liking. My memory must be really muddled with the Andrews books as I remem...

Pearl in the Mist (1994) by V.C. Andrews

If There Be Thorns (1981)

The book is narrated by two half-brothers, Jory and Bart Sheffield. Jory is a handsome, talented fourteen-year-old boy who wants to follow his mother Cathy in her career in the ballet, while nine-year-old Bart, who is unattractive and clumsy, feels he is outshone by Jory. By now, Cathy and Chris ...

If There Be Thorns (1981) by V.C. Andrews

Petals on the Wind (1990)

The Times Magazine called Petals on the Wind "an artfully twisted modern fairytale" and it's hard to disagree with that statement. Dark, shocking and spellbinding, it's a fabulous tale of forbidden love, lust, abandonment, abuse and revenge - the last one being the leading theme of this volume of...

Petals on the Wind (1990) by V.C. Andrews

Rain (2000)

Epic Fail Alert!!!I admit it. The only reason I purchased a copy of this book was to see how well a black lead character would fare in V.C. Andrews-land. I'll also admit that I'll be reading the next two as well. Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment.I should have known better than to expect anythi...

Rain (2000) by V.C. Andrews

Twisted Roots (2002)

Where the Dollanganger, Casteel, Cutler, Landry, and Logan series paid a lot of attention to family secrets and twists and turns, the DeBeers series is severely lacking, and this book is a pale imitation of the good books that Neiderman started out with when he ghostwrote for VCA. The characters ...

Twisted Roots (2002) by V.C. Andrews

Flowers in the Attic (1979)

So how is perfection decided?Is it by looks?Is it by choices?Is it by God's standards?Or perhaps by the human's opinions? Do children pay for their parents' decisions?Why should they?And who in this motherf*cking universe is entitled to do just that?So here's the deal.I'm going to start with the...

Flowers in the Attic (1979) by V.C. Andrews

Ice (2001)

Inhalt:Ice ist weder arrogant noch hält sie sich für etwas Besseres – sie ist schlicht ein Mensch, der sich nur mitteilt, wenn er seine Worte abgewogen hat. Nur, wenn sie singt, lässt sie ihrem Innenleben freien Lauf. Und so startet der zweite Teil um die Shooting Stars…Schreib-/Erzählstil:Andrew...

Ice (2001) by V.C. Andrews

Into the Woods (2002)

This book is a TRAVESTY! All who love literature should rise up in rage with pitchforks and torches, and find whatever dark, gloomy cliffside castle "VC Andrews" lives in and chase him/her out of civilization forever. Once in a while, I venture forth from the safe, comfortable world of actual, ...

Into the Woods (2002) by V.C. Andrews

Raven (1999)

Ah, the last novel in the "Orphans" mini-series before the group novel, "Runaways". It has been quite the ride with quite the cast of characters. This little book also has the distinction of being the first book I finished in college- hooray! Some real grade-A literary magic right here, folks, I'...

Raven (1999) by V.C. Andrews

Hidden Leaves (2003)

I hated this book so much I couldn't even finish it. If you're a V.C. Andrews fan, I DO NOT recommend the DeBeers series. It's by far, the worst series in all of V.C. Andrews books. I'm 5 books away from reading every Andrews book written, and I felt I wasted my time on this series. I've loved ev...

Hidden Leaves (2003) by V.C. Andrews

Music in the Night (1998)

I just wish I knew how to quit V.C. Andrews.Or, in this case, the ghost writer for V.C. Andrews.You see, I discovered that the real V.C. Andrews died after completing the Flowers in the Attic series along with only a handful of other books, and that her family hired a ghost writer to write a ton ...

Music in the Night (1998) by V.C. Andrews

Darkest Hour (1993)

The author's purpose in writing the book is to entertain but also to somehow inform the readers. In the book Darkest Hour, the author shows the life of a wealthy family and how they lived their lives each day. The book mostly talks about the life of one of the family members, Lillian. Lillian is ...

Darkest Hour (1993) by V.C. Andrews

Melody (1996)

Since my Andrews-based book reviews are (like her/the estate's novels) generally exactly the same thing over and over again, I've just decided to save myself half the work and repost my last Andrew-based book review, with some minor alterations. You may wonder why I keep reading these novels if ...

Melody (1996) by V.C. Andrews

Dark Angel (1990)

The sequel to Heaven in which she at last meets her mother's family. This book was also the last one Andrews wrote herself so it was a bittersweet read. Life certainly doesn't get easy for Heaven this time around. She might have money but she still feels lonely like she has no one to love her....

Dark Angel (1990) by V.C. Andrews

Twilight's Child (1992)

It must be nice being Andrew Neiderman. He gets to write crap books and V.C Andrews still gets the blame.I've read my fair share of trashy books. I've read more "historical" romance and Harlequin presents than I care to admit, but V.C Andrews is a new low for me. I figure, now that I've hit rock ...

Twilight's Child (1992) by V.C. Andrews

Willow (2002)

Despite what others have said about this novel, I personally really enjoyed Willow. This is not your typical VCA heroine. Willow comes from money (more than she realizes). She is already in college, she is not a virgin, she is pretty normal. This book takes Willow on an adventure to find her moth...

Willow (2002) by V.C. Andrews

Unfinished Symphony (1997)

A great ending to what I consider a 3 book series. This book picks up where Heartsong left off. Melody is off to LA to find her mother. Through many twists, turns and learning about the real-world, Melody gets the answers she's desperately looking for. They just might be not the ones she wants. T...

Unfinished Symphony (1997) by V.C. Andrews

Fallen Hearts (1990)

I haven't quite finished reading this book yet, but am beginning to wonder if I ever will. I can't say I hate it or that I love it just have some mixed feelings about it. It has seemingly taken me forever to get through Fallen Hearts. I told myself at first it was because during the course of ...

Fallen Hearts (1990) by V.C. Andrews

Tarnished Gold (1996)

Well I have finally finished reading the "Landry Series" by V.C. Andrews. I do have to say that I kind of feel a little cheated. I was disappointed to learn that the fifth book in the series was actually a prequel to the first book. I feel as though the fourth book left too many underlying que...

Tarnished Gold (1996) by V.C. Andrews

Midnight Whispers (1992)

Midnight Whispers isn't a bad book, but it isn't the best in the Cutler series either. In this volume, the perspective changes from Dawn to her daughter Christie who is now sixteen years old. The rest of the Cutler gang are back (sans Grandmother Cutler, Clara Sue and Randolph,) and are in fine f...

Midnight Whispers (1992) by V.C. Andrews

April Shadows (2005)

I know a lot of people complain about VC Andrew's ghostwriter, and I've picked up a couple other books by him that didn't really capture my attention, but I really loved this 2-book series (wish there were more). It doesn't exactly have the same twists and dark secrets like the vintage VC Andrews...

April Shadows (2005) by V.C. Andrews

My Sweet Audrina (1990)

Admittedly, any V.C. Andrews novel is a WTF moment in Jordan's bookscapades. But, after reading a biography of V.C. Andrews on Buzzfeed, of all places, I decided to give her seedy upper-crust underworlds a spin. Seriously, she wrote standing up until her feet bled; that's just cray-cray enough to...

My Sweet Audrina (1990) by V.C. Andrews

Secrets of the Morning (1991)

A classic and fucked up sequel to the first novel in the Cutler series. It was far better written, it was actually a solid effort from the Ghostwriter this time and it had a V.C Andrews vintage feel to it. Looks like he finally learned to use her techniques although it clearly didn't last for lon...

Secrets of the Morning (1991) by V.C. Andrews

Midnight Flight (2003)

The WTF Factory was operating at maximum capacity when this baby got churned out of the bullshit mill.Oh. My. God. This book. This book is probably one of the worst books I have ever read in my entire life.FYI: I used to think I hated V.C. Andrews. It turns out I haven't read any of 'her' books; ...

Midnight Flight (2003) by V.C. Andrews

Butterfly (1998)

"Butterfly" is the first novel in the "Orphans" mini-series, which consists of four novellas and ends with the full-length novel "Runaways". Even though this series seems to be aimed towards even younger girls than Andrews' other novels, this book was actually pretty decent and showed more theme...

Butterfly (1998) by V.C. Andrews

Misty (1999)

I read this series as a young teen many years ago and I remembered really enjoying them. So when looking through my bookshelf tonight to find something to read, I decided to re-read them and I am very glad I did. This 150 page quick read was exactly what I wanted to read. I was actually surprised...

Misty (1999) by V.C. Andrews

Cinnamon (2001)

When I was in college, lo, these many years, ago, nearly everyone carried a copy of Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews. At the time, I was reading Dune, the Foundation and Empire books and occasionally cracking one of those expensive things known as textbooks, so I didn’t pay too much attention...

Cinnamon (2001) by V.C. Andrews

Web of Dreams (1990)

Ahhh, two years after rereading the first book in the Casteel series, I have finally read the fifth and final. And, you guy, soooo much better than the fourth book, which I only gave one sad star. While our fourth book gave us Annoying Annie, Heaven's daughter, the fifth one showed us where all o...

Web of Dreams (1990) by V.C. Andrews

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