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Misty (1999)

Misty (1999)

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About book Misty (1999)

I read this series as a young teen many years ago and I remembered really enjoying them. So when looking through my bookshelf tonight to find something to read, I decided to re-read them and I am very glad I did. This 150 page quick read was exactly what I wanted to read. I was actually surprised at the issues the book dealt with like divorce, virginity etc and Misty was a great character to read about. Her parents both sound awful and although she does come across as a bit wingey, at least she does it with humour too! I have honestly forgotten how these stories go (as it has been 10+ years since I last read them)... So I cant wait to find out Star, Jade and Cats stories too and I have the fifth book, Into The Garden to read too (which I have never read before). I would recommend this book to any VC Andrews fan and any child, teen or even adult that has been through a divorce. While, I myself, have never had to go through something like that - as my parents have been married 24 years (and for that I am so thankful!!) I have a husband and some close friends who have been through their parents seperating and its very hard and this series deals with it in a refreshing way. Honest and very open. I love it. On to Stars book!! 5 stars from me <3

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As a novel on its own for teenage readers, it was a decent read. Back then I still got excited every time a new VCA book came out. I was a bit disappointed that Neiderman hadn't gone back to a full series after finishing this one, but by gum, I still got excited!However now ten years later, I'm no longer excited. Compared to the crud that Mr. Neiderman is now writing under VCA's name (Gemini, Shadows, Flower, Attic, Delia, Heavenstone series) Misty is definitely a better read in its own right. However, as a VCA book it's unacceptable. Yeah, Misty has problems, her dad and mom hate one another, blah blah, but she sounds as if she just likes to be rebellious on top of the justified anger she feels towards her parents. For a tween book, it's not bad. 2.5/5 stars.
—Delicious Strawberry

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