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Cinnamon (2001)

Cinnamon (2001)

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When I was in college, lo, these many years, ago, nearly everyone carried a copy of Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews. At the time, I was reading Dune, the Foundation and Empire books and occasionally cracking one of those expensive things known as textbooks, so I didn’t pay too much attention. But the other day in the used book store at the library, I saw this series and thought, Why not see what the fuss was about?Seems there’s a couple of things I was unaware of. First, that Ms. Andrews’s typewriter ribbon ran out, according to Wikipedia, in 1986. The books I picked up were all published in 2001. Again, according to Wikipedia, books written under the name V.C. Andrews have since been ghostwritten by one Andrew Neiderman, who has also written The Devil's Advocate. Well, whaddya know. The present book is the first book in the “Shooting Stars” series and relates the story of Cinnamon, a high school senior whose mother has suffered a nervous breakdown following a stillbirth. They live in an old house in upstate New York, one built by a retired Civil War colonel. Pictures of the colonel’s family and their spirits still hang around the house, especially in the attic. People at school think Cinnamon’s a witch. Cinnamon has a male friend she confides in but no girlfriends. Her closest girlfriend is her mother. Her father is emotionally distant and lurking in their house is domineering, disparaging Grandmother Beverly. In the midst of all this emotional upheaval, Cinnamon wins the lead role in the school play, Death Takes a Holiday.Please read complete review here.

I was intrigued by this new series, and wondered what it might be like. Ultimately, I was disappointed in the series, because it doesn't have the whole multigenerational family secrets/drama theme that made a VCA book. When this first book came out, i still had faith in Neiderman and was still excited when a new series was penned. Now nearly ten years later, Neiderman has gotten even worse. Amazingly, this book is decent compared to his current novels (Heavenstone, Daughter of Darkness) but the drama in this book feels more contrived, almost like a teenager wrote it with drama and weirdness in mind. There was some effort here, but ultimately this book falls flat due to the whole debacle with Cinnamon's mother, the miscarriage, Grandmother Beverly, and the like. I honestly can't recommend this for anything more than a cheap and entertaining (barely) read.

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I enjoyed Cinnamon . Cinnamon is a book that is very modern unlike V.C.’s other works which seem to be timeless. You can put your finger on which decade this book takes place in. I think I enjoyed it too because Cinnamon is involved in the theater. I love theater and dream of performing. I could live vicariously through Cinnamon in this book. (much the same way I did with Lightening strikes) This book also brought back memories of my own turbulent teenage years. Though this book didn’t have nearly the drama of other V.C. Andrews novels I enjoyed it just the same. This book is better than any Orphans or Wildflowers novel, in my opinion.

I found that this book was okay, but it was just half-anused rehashing of Andrews' original ideas. Once again the name Ainsley was used for a character. I am noticing more and more of regurgitated names. Dell, Ainsley, TAYLOR has been in MANY. Just so many half-hearted characters. that barely have a personality.I did enjoy the plot twists, however, it was enough to keep me reading. Though after attempting to read all of the books under Andrews' name, I will be soon sick of books discussing mental illnesses.Cinnamon is very close to a Mary-Sue, but its not an all around terrible book. I will be continuing with this series and hopefully they aren't too lame. I believe this series came before the Gemini series, so I'm hoping for slightly better character development. I wont lose hope.

Inhalt:Im ersten Band der Shooting-Star-Saga von V. C. Andrews, die schon als Ghostwriter-Reihe veröffentlicht worden ist, geht es um die junge Cinnamon, die ein träumerisches und melancholisches Leben führt. Sie möchte Schauspielerin werden.Schreib-/Erzählstil:V. C. Andrews wurde nach ihrem Tod als Marke weitergeführt. Der Ghostwriter hat sich mit ihrem unvergleichlichen Schreibstil weites gehend identifiziert und wagt auch neuere, modernere Themen in seinen Werken. Mir gefällt die Schreibweise und der Stil sowie die Auswahl der Charaktere wie immer sehr gut und ich habe das Buch verschlungen.Meine Meinung:Da „Cinnamon“ erst der Auftakt der Reihe der „Shooting Stars“ ist, ist der Einzelband mit gerade einmal 222 Seiten sehr knapp, aber trotzdem gut zu lesen. Man liest von Cinnamon und ihrer Vorgeschichte und erhält einen schönen Einblick in die Zerrissenheit der Jugend und der Seele und Art Cinnamons. Ein wunderbarer Anfang in die Psyche von vier Mädchen, die zusammen auf eine Schule gehen werden. Ich finde es sehr schade, dass Andrews Bücher so schlecht zu bekommen sind.Fazit:Ein wunderbarer Auftakt mit allem, was Andrews ausmacht: Ihr Schreibstil, eine böse Großmutter, eine verwirrte Mutter und ein merkwürdiger Vater sowie das Heranwachsen von Cinnamon.

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