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Sleuth Or Dare (2014)

Sleuth or Dare (2014)

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About book Sleuth Or Dare (2014)

This sequel was still cute and fun but perhaps not quite as engaging as the first. The beginning dragged a bit as Maggie was sort of distant with Jessie and Roux. There wasn't any action on a case yet either so it ended up being bouts of moping and worrying. Once the action picks up Maggie starts engaging with Jessie and Roux again and things picked up a lot. The book still requires suspension of disbelief but you aren't meant to take it too seriously. I felt like Maggie and Jessie's relationship was a little static since they didn't seem to have progressed all that much from the book before that takes place a year previously. New fun characters are introduced who are interesting but you don't get very long with them. I have a feeling they'll show up more in future books. The "case" was a lot more involved and some of the details bordered on being confusing. There were several problems with this sequel, which is a shame since I enjoyed the first one: -Stretching the story unnecessarily-Overemphasis on "love" (aka puppy love/unrealistic infatuation-at-first-sight)-Overused trope of something good suddenly seeming bad-Stealing from others who stole something doesn't make you less of a thief-Likewise, using stolen profits to "benefit the arts" or whatever doesn't make the action any more noble than the "corrupt" people-Too much distinction between good and bad -- in real life, most people are a healthy medium-PARIS, WHAT? That escalated quickly. -Shallow character development (if there was any new development at all) I was really disappointed.

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Roux is quite possibly the best Best Friend character in a book ever. Can't wait for more!

Loved it! Great follow up to book one.

I can't wait for the next 3rd book!

Not as good as the first one.

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