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Code Rood (2000)

Code rood (2000)

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Maggie and her parents are going rogue. The Collective is accusing Maggie's parents of stealing evidence. Maggie is determined to help her parents find the missing evidence and prove their innocence. Despite Roux and Jesse's help last time, Maggie doesn't want them too involved. She wants to keep them in the dark and safe. But being a spy, and a friend, and a girlfriend, and a daughter comes with its own set of challenges. And Maggie is just about to find out what those challenges entail as her relationships are put to the test. I give this book 5/5 stars because I absolutely adore this book and this author's writing style. I adore Roux and the undying humor in this book. It kept me laughing the entire time I read it, while mixing in just the right amount of romance, action, and suspense. It had good twists, and always kept me on the edge of my seat. Just as good as the first one, if not better. This book was a nice little light read for me. I know, I know. It wasn't intended to be a light read, but that's what it ended up being in my eyes.Who was the intended audience for this book? Just wondering. I liked Maggie and Jessie Oliver's thing! CUTE! (I can't just say Jesse, it doesn't sound right without the Oliver part). Even with the corny jokes, they just grew on me. I want to pinch their cheeks! They are so adorable!The pacing was just right for me, and I really enjoyed Angelo and Roux's friendship. Can I call it a chess-father-ship? No? Well, back to the review, then. That girl needs all the love in the world, and I'm so happy that Angelo is able to distract her from some of her worries when the time is right. The pacing in the book was alright, but I wished for more action. I understand that I was supposed to get a sense of danger all throughout the book, but I didn't feel that. In Going Rogue, Maggie and her parents are "blacklisted." The collective is no longer what it used to be and it gets hard to tell who you can trust. Mags and her parents (along with Roux, Jessie Oliver, and Angelo) get pulled into a conflict that requires them to stand up against the Collective. I think the major problem for me with this book was that I didn't think they were in any actual danger. As gruesome as everything looked, I couldn't believe that any serious harm would come to the characters. I mean, I'm glad nobody died, but I would've wanted to atleast feel as if somebody was going to die.Another problem: Insta-love? Roux meets a guy for the very first time and pretty soon, she's trusting him with all her secrets. Does this happen in real life? I'm sorry for my pessimism, but I didn't buy the whole insta-love story. Sorry. Though with Roux, I kind of let it go a little because that girl has some messed up parents. They barely show any sort of love to her. Those jerks! Plus the guy seemed nice enough. I was satisfied with the ending, but I didn't get any major thrills. Either way, I think everybody should give this book a chance! :)

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Teen spy, Second in series....almost as good as the first.

Not as good as the first one, but still entertaining.

Benners, another home run x

good book

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