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La Pire Mission De Ma Vie N'est Pas Finie (2014)

La pire mission de ma vie n'est pas finie (2014)

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2092548190 (ISBN13: 9782092548196)
Nathan Jeunesse

About book La Pire Mission De Ma Vie N'est Pas Finie (2014)

Love it! Absolutely love it! I just love the characters in this book and the ones added to the story though I wish we could've spent more time together(weird I know :):)) I enjoyed this better than the first one and the story was good and exciting and felt real with all the emotional and mushy stuff. Lol. But for a while I was like 'slap' pull yourself together, Maggie. But she got over it. Can't wait for the next installment hopefully there will be one. So, lots of stuff happening. Honestly, more adventures and darker themes in this one than the previous one. Maggie is still pretty cool, though a bit more angsty, Roux is still pretty crazy, though a bit more angsty, and Jessie, while cute and all, has become kind of 2D. When I read about Maggie researching Jessie in the first book, about his Facebook profile and what he's done, I thought "huh, it's a human being, not just a "Prince Charming" plush doll that says sweet things that make me wish I had one of my own". I'm afraid by now, that's what Jessie has become. He's angsty, yeah, but he's basically there to make young hearts bleed for love. The book is quite packed with "I love yous" and kisses but doesn't really describe a Senior year of high school teenage relationship. I mean, they share a bed and sexual innuendo once or twice, but it's pretty PG. On the other hand, Roux, while drinking and referring to boys and having sex, is the crazy one that falls for a guy in 3 days. Impressive. The book is still filled with the great character, but I kind of wish there was more character development. I mean, all this stuff happens to them, but I feel like these people will go back to being normal after they get back to NYC. I kinda wish that there was a sequel where we watch these kids grow up and face more realistic problems in their own unique ways. Can such a group of characters survive college applications, or long distance relationships, or a romance that doesn't form over a 3 day period? Cute book, but not much more. I think that's what happens when adults read YA novers.

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I throughly enjoyed this book and I do hope Benway writes another book in this series!

Fun sequel, although the ending felt a bit rushed. Good action-y series for girls.

Love Roux! Love Ames! I can't wait for the next one :D (I hope there's one more)


first dnf of 2014.... :(

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