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Die Außergewöhnlichen Geheimnisse Von April, May & June (2013)

Die außergewöhnlichen Geheimnisse von April, May & June (2013)

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About book Die Außergewöhnlichen Geheimnisse Von April, May & June (2013)

Wow! What a book. First I read it in less than a day. IT was the type of book that sucks you in and you don't want to ever put down! The book was very well written, with characters that if you personally couldn't relate to, you at least know someone that you can relate them to.3 sisters, extremely different, yet they share this one major secret. Reading how they grow to not only control themselves, but to love each other more, and to open up to those in their lives. It gave me good feelings. I would honestly love to see this as a trilogy, at least. I would love to continue reading about these sisters and the adventures that they would have, together and apart. I felt very connected to them. This is a cute story about three sisters who suddenly, one day discover they each have a special ability from seeing the future, disappearing, and reading minds. I enjoyed reading a story that focused primarily around siblings and their dynamics, rather than one focused on a romance, even though there was a slight romantic bent to it as well. I would have liked more backstory on these abilities that suddenly appear though... they suddenly appear one day with really no explanation or reason. And while I enjoyed the dynamics of the sisters, at times, the conversations of the girls, while realistically written, dragged on for me. But overall, a really enjoyable story.

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It's just a really cute teen-y read for a day.

I love it


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