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La Pire Mission De Ma Vie (2014)

La pire mission de ma vie (2014)

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About book La Pire Mission De Ma Vie (2014)

3.5-4 starsreminded me a little bit of Janet Evanovich's Plum series, like a YA version of it (though it's been years since I've read one of her books, maybe her style changed by now?)Loved the writing style of the author, great sense of humor reflected in the thoughts of the protagonist Maggie. She's bold and fun, but also kinda cocky which sometimes got on my nerves, but she compensated it with her witty "dystopian" way of thinking.I also liked Maggie's parents a lot caring, sometimes "hysterical" but you'll also realize from where Maggie gets her humor. That is something I appreciate very much in a YA-novel: young protagonists can still have adventures and fun if the parents are happily married and not divorced, deceased, or god knows how creative some authors have been to let them disappear just to allow their main character to go wild.Angelo was just the perfect complement, the surrogate uncle we all should have.unfortunately two things that bothered me - content-wise:-) love at first sight: not a big fan of that, especially if there is no fundament, and I don't really get to experience how their relationship "blooms", it's just suddenly there, bam, over one single night-) un-professionalism: I know, it's "just" a YA novel, no reason being to strict about what sounds real and not, but I really enjoyed the spy-story and Maggie with her double life - this normal high school girl with boyfriend and then on the other hand being this spy girl. She keeps bragging about how a badass-spy she is and then breaks (among others) one of the fundamental rules/codex of a spy - whyyyyy?!?!? In the end it didn't even really helped her to accomplish her assignment, except well her relationship improved, good job. Many people judge whether they like a book or not based on several factors like the character development, world building and what-not. Don't get me wrong, all these things are important. But when it comes to me the only things that matter are how I feel while reading the book and after reading the book. If it can make me laugh like a maniac or better yet make me cry - and believe me that does not happen often. I don't cry easily and I definitely don't bawl. I might get all choked up and spill a few tears though and that's only happened liked twice or thrice so far so - or make me anxious enough that I'm tempted to pull an all-nighter just to finish it then it's that matters.This book won me over on the laughing like a maniac note. Hilarious and light-hearted with just enough suspense to keep you going (Come on it's a spy book; suspense is kinda synonymous with "spy"); Also Known As is a truly great read. From Maggie (the protagonist) to Harold(Roux's doorman) there is not a character in the book that I didn't like. Maggie and Roux's friendship is very entertaining to say the least - a combination of witty retorts, hilarious scenes and a slightly emotional friendship talk at the end. Whereas where Jesse and Maggie are concerned all I can say is....actually I don't know what to say - It's all cute, slightly damaged boy meets smart, funny girl. Of course Jesse was just her assignment until....well I think can guess ;)What was wonderful though was this: I would be laughing at a really funny scene/dialogue when the author would mention something really sad and my smile would slip away making me sad too. Then right on cue there would be another funny dialogue to cheer me up. It was like this almost throughout the book. I haven't read very many books but that hasn't happened to me so far. And it was AWESOME! Of course it lacked a few things too but for me they aren't big enough to mention. Anyway, watching a mostly home-schooled safe-cracking spy try to navigate the crazy world of high school with the help of a former mean, popular girl turned outcast, Roux; while trying to solve her first solo assignment ever -who is incidentally very cute- is something that you should not miss. Recommended to all!!

Do You like book La Pire Mission De Ma Vie (2014)?

This was more of a contemporary romance than a spy novel. The Gallagher Girls was WAY better.

This is a very cute teen book. It is perfect for any high school girl.

i need the second boooookkkkkkkkkk!!!!SHIT...mana nak cari?!?!??!!?

A fun spy read. Looking forward to the next one.

Fun beach read.

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