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Robin Benway

Robin Benway
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Books by Robin Benway


Spy Society (2013)

I got distracted, obviously and especially by this kind of story; you know some kinds of teenage spy kind of story. Yeah, after Ally Carter's Gallagher Girl I think I got 'a bit' obsessed with teenage spy novel. However, there are similar novels I've read in between Ally Carter and Robin Benway b...

Spy Society (2013) by Robin Benway

La pire mission de ma vie (2014)

3.5-4 starsreminded me a little bit of Janet Evanovich's Plum series, like a YA version of it (though it's been years since I've read one of her books, maybe her style changed by now?)Loved the writing style of the author, great sense of humor reflected in the thoughts of the protagonist Maggie. ...

La pire mission de ma vie (2014) by Robin Benway

Los extraordinarios secretos de April, May y June (2012)

I had never read anything by Robin Benway before but i absolutely love this novel, it is a funny YA with a very strong meaning to it. After moving to another city after their parents' separation the 3 sisters recover special powers from childhood. April is the oldest, she's responsible but also v...

Los extraordinarios secretos de April, May y June (2012) by Robin Benway

April, May & June (2010)

*3.5* En general no es la gran historia, pero particularmente creo que me llegó en el momento exacto. Me resultó bastante original el tema de los poderes de las tres hermanas, aunque me hubiera gustado saber un poco más del origen de esos poderes. Por otra parte la relación entre April, May y Jun...

April, May & June (2010) by Robin Benway

Die außergewöhnlichen Geheimnisse von April, May & June (2013)

Wow! What a book. First I read it in less than a day. IT was the type of book that sucks you in and you don't want to ever put down! The book was very well written, with characters that if you personally couldn't relate to, you at least know someone that you can relate them to.3 sisters, extremel...

Die außergewöhnlichen Geheimnisse von April, May & June (2013) by Robin Benway

Sleuth or Dare (2014)

This sequel was still cute and fun but perhaps not quite as engaging as the first. The beginning dragged a bit as Maggie was sort of distant with Jessie and Roux. There wasn't any action on a case yet either so it ended up being bouts of moping and worrying. Once the action picks up Maggie sta...

Sleuth or Dare (2014) by Robin Benway

La pire mission de ma vie n'est pas finie (2014)

Love it! Absolutely love it! I just love the characters in this book and the ones added to the story though I wish we could've spent more time together(weird I know :):)) I enjoyed this better than the first one and the story was good and exciting and felt real with all the emotional and mushy st...

La pire mission de ma vie n'est pas finie (2014) by Robin Benway

Code rood (2000)

Maggie and her parents are going rogue. The Collective is accusing Maggie's parents of stealing evidence. Maggie is determined to help her parents find the missing evidence and prove their innocence. Despite Roux and Jesse's help last time, Maggie doesn't want them too involved. She wants to keep...

Code rood (2000) by Robin Benway

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