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Jane Austen Girl (2013)

Jane Austen Girl (2013)

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About book Jane Austen Girl (2013)

I forced myself not to abandon reading this at the 23% mark. I did finish it - and it did get better. Then it went mehh-echt again. For the short bit where I almost cared about the story ...2 stars vs 1 star. So many flaws I cannot begin to list what I disliked.Clearly my tastes are not in line with the author's target audience. Note: absolutely nothing Jane Austen related here. of course anything with Jane Austen in the title was going to grab me. but I agree with the other reviewers that it's a bit misleading. the main character has a blog named Jane Austen girl, but that is the only reference, at all, about dear old Jane. I. did like the characters and the ultimate love story. but there was so much going many subplots that I thought was unnecessary and not needed. at times I just thought 'hurry up with the main story already.' but that being said, I did like it. I read it pretty quickly and the storyline was enough to have me captivated. I don't know if I'll read more of series. I'm not much of a 'series' reader, but we'll see.

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enjoyed it. Grier and Bobby Jack happened pretty fast, no development of their love.

2.5. not awful, but not great. No real JA vibe here for me.

Good, kept my attention, like the author for light reading

I love the words of wisdom!

Loved it!

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