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Series: Midnight Breed

by Author Lara Adrian


Cinzas da Meia-Noite (2013)

I wasn`t sure how Reichen's book would turn out knowing that he wasn't part of the Order and seemed like a total goody-suck-up gentlemen serving the order loyally and all. BOY WAS I WRONG, THIS MAN IS PURE SEXY. His growth lead him to present the hottest(literallyHAHA) love story throughout the s...

Cinzas da Meia-Noite (2013) by Lara Adrian

Il bacio eterno (2011)

I loved it. 3.5* - pro me z tech slabších dílu.. Reichen je fajn týpek, ale obcas me to nudilo

Il bacio eterno (2011) by Lara Adrian

Gesandte des Zwielichts (2009)

Took me awhile to finish this 1. There wasn't anything really wrong with it, I just got bored.Andreas and Claire just didn't hold my attention.The on going story line was great as always. I'm glad Roth is dead and Dragos has been forced to relocate, but the interaction between the 2 mains did not...

Gesandte des Zwielichts (2009) by Lara Adrian

Erwählte der Ewigkeit (2012)

This book continues where the last book finishes, with Chase giving him self up in order to keep the rest of the order safe from the human world. Chase is a breed warrior and along with the trouble he has got him self in, he is struggling with with the dark side of being breed. He is struggling ...

Erwählte der Ewigkeit (2012) by Lara Adrian

Ashes of Midnight (2009)

Good stuff, good stuff. They had neat powers. Fire and team walking. Creative.

Ashes of Midnight (2009) by Lara Adrian

Il bacio immortale (2012)

Hero: Hunter-4Heroine: Corinne Bishop-3Romance: 2Steam: 3This book earns an overall 3 because of the look into the lives of the other couples and characters.In the Order's quest to destroy Dragos, we meet Corinne, one of the Breedmates who was rescued from Dragos' torture. She is left to the car...

Il bacio immortale (2012) by Lara Adrian

Gejagte der Dämmerung (2011)

There isn't much you can say about the Breed. Come on they are hunks who would do anything for the woman they love. Who wouldn't want to be in their line of fire?Nathan is a Gen One, Hunter. An original. He has these built up emotions from when he was being trained and miss Jordana is the daughte...

Gejagte der Dämmerung (2011) by Lara Adrian

Vertraute der Sehnsucht (2013)

Disappointed at the jump in 20 years.Too much left out that left me feeling like I had missed some of the series ( I actually had to read no 10 to be sure I didn't forget something. Moving HQ after in 10 they just arrived at the safe house, Mira grown,Nathan grown it all feels like several book...

Vertraute der Sehnsucht (2013) by Lara Adrian

Deeper Than Midnight (2011)

L'histoire avance et on en apprend plus. Vivement le tome suivant. Wow! The end of this was great. I'm so glad I have the next book already so I can dive right in!

Deeper Than Midnight (2011) by Lara Adrian

Gece Yarısı Tuzağı (2000)

“Renata is een van de dodelijkste krijgers die er is, maar haar geïsoleerde bestaan wordt plots verstoord als ze een goudblonde vampier ontmoet die haar een wereld binnenlokt vol gevaar en verlangen. Deze Nikolai kickt er namelijk op om wraak te nemen op vijanden van de Broerderschap, maar zijn v...

Gece Yarısı Tuzağı (2000) by Lara Adrian

O Véu da Meia-noite (2012)

I'm thinking that this series is not quite my cup of tea. Take this book for example: I had a big trouble finishing it and I actually thought about giving up on the whole thing. Glad I didn't because I actually liked the ending and I think there's some getting used to the writing for me, still. T...

O Véu da Meia-noite (2012) by Lara Adrian

Il bacio svelato (2011)

Another great book in this series. Good action and some hot and steamy love scenes. Nikolai is looking for Sergei to warn him for an attempt on his life. Looking for Sergei, he finds his bodyguard Renata. Nikolai asks quickly what Renata is doing with somebody like Sergei. Later in the book we fi...

Il bacio svelato (2011) by Lara Adrian

Gefährtin der Schatten (2009)

I think this book gets 5stars because of Renata!! I think this book gets 5stars because of Renata!!

Gefährtin der Schatten (2009) by Lara Adrian

Il bacio di fuoco (2012)

This was my favourite story of the Midnight Breed series yet. I was completely addicted to the, staying up late the last night to finish the book.The story was focused on Jenna and Brock and followed on from the previous book, (No 7). I liked the fact that this one was not exactly a Breed meets B...

Il bacio di fuoco (2012) by Lara Adrian

Geweihte des Todes (2010)

No me ha gustado del todo porque me ha dejado a medias... en serio... cómo puedes acabar el libro sin decirme qué es ahora Jenna???? Lara, no tienes perdón!!! De todos modos, he estado más pendiente de Hunter que de Brock así que, aunque el libro es bueno, aunque Jenna cambia de un modo perfecto,...

Geweihte des Todes (2010) by Lara Adrian

Kriegerin der Schatten (2014)

How is it that I haven't discovered this series before now?! I recently won a copy of Crave the Night by Lara Adrian from Library Thing. At the time I entered the giveaway, I didn't know that this is book twelve in the series. However, that didn't hinder my reading or enjoyment of it. Jordana is ...

Kriegerin der Schatten (2014) by Lara Adrian

Edge of Dawn (2013)

I must admit I skimmed the sex-scenes,especially the chapter-long ones, and could have been quite happy with less in that area. Otherwise, I enjoyed the vampires and the world Adrian created around them. I would have liked to see a bit more of the politics and action, more of the world that provi...

Edge of Dawn (2013) by Lara Adrian

Il bacio oscuro (2012)

Good read this one is actually scary! like the characters and of course the story line is heating up!

Il bacio oscuro (2012) by Lara Adrian

Gezeichnete des Schicksals (2010)

I forgot to review this piece right after I've read it, before I forget what I've read. Damn, I have a terrible memory... So, here's the general impression.Everything in the book is happening away from Orders HQs, it's happening in Alaska. Again, nice to see some new places. However, the entire s...

Gezeichnete des Schicksals (2010) by Lara Adrian

Veil of Midnight (2008)

Okay, so I actually had to walk away from this one for a few days to let it settle. I really enjoyed it, but it was a lot to take in, personally. Obviously, there's two or three major questions left unanswered plot-wise that makes me want to grab hold of the next book, so I may have to back off f...

Veil of Midnight (2008) by Lara Adrian

Taken by Midnight (2010)

Die Midnight Breed Reihe sollte man unbedingt in der richtigen Reihenfolge lesen, ansonsten versteht man nichts von der Hintergrundgeschichte. Die Welt die hier erschaffen wurde ist tolle Urban Fantasy. Die Vampire sind hier stammen von Aliens ab und es gibt noch so einige Besonderheiten, die ich...

Taken by Midnight (2010) by Lara Adrian

Crave The Night (2014)

at last....a new Lara Adrian! It was really great to catch up with a character we last heard from as a youth damaged by his past. Good to know he has been able to overcome all that happened and found someone for him! I also really enjoyed meeting again many of the previous characters from the s...

Crave The Night (2014) by Lara Adrian

Shades of Midnight (2009)

This was a good book. Kade is a sexy hot man and Alexandra is a basically scared woman running from her past. This was not my favorite book in the series. Although the characters were likeable, there wasn't a whole lot to recommend them, in my opinion. I like my men big, hot, and a little dominee...

Shades of Midnight (2009) by Lara Adrian